• How to get More Followers on Google+

How To Get More Followers On Google+

Rajeev P | 16 JAN 2015

Do you know that Google+ has over 300 million users? You can use this audience to promote your products right away. And not only this, a good engagement of users on Google plus also helps your SEO. So the question is how do you get more followers on Google Plus. Here are a few points to help you grow your Google Plus followers.


Follow for follows

Similar to the follower system on Twitter, business and personal accounts run in the same way in Google+, allowing brands or businesses to connect with or follow any Google+ user individually. Anyone is welcome to follow and interact with whoever they’d like, so take the opportunity to make mutual connections.

By using the discovery tool, you can view pages or users recommended by Google+ for you to follow. They’ll be organised into categories, so you can easily choose the pages you have an interest in.

You may also wish to view the followers of brands or celebrities that take your interest, and follow users who are also fans. Everyone loves to meet people with shared interests, so there’s a good chance they’ll take a look at your content.

Once you’ve followed a page or profile, don’t simply leave it there. Engage with their content, share their updates and +1 their posts and they’ll be far more likely to follow back and do the same in return.


Keep track of internet culture

Internet culture is a huge part of modern communication, with references to memes working their way into ‘real’ life.

Memes are elements such as videos, GIFs or images that are rapidly spread throughout the internet due to their humour and they are extremely popular on Google+. Users often participate in ‘meme days’ such as ‘Caturday’ and hashtag them to increase views.

Additionally, posting relevant content to each holiday season is a great way to interact with users, as they are something hundreds of thousands of people take part in. Post festivity throughout December or fireworks on the 4th of July to grab the attention of those who are celebrating online.


Get on the list

Posting fresh content on trending topics is an important way of gaining views and lasting followers. To begin with, you’ll want to create hot content with the potential to go viral before taking steps to promote it. If this method is successful and you gather enough shares, Google+ may add you to the 'Google+ What’s Hot and Recommended' list, linking your page to users worldwide.

Getting enough shares is easy with simple promotion techniques, such as sharing your page content to your personal profile or taking part in ‘meme days’.

As for content, you’ll want to create posts that will appeal to a wide audience. The internet is crazy for cats and GIFS, as well as current news, juicy celebrity updates or reviews on awesome new products. Bring attention to your posts by using hashtags – they’re not just for Twitter! Hashtags will allow followers of a certain topic to find you easily and if they like your content, they’re likely to follow you in the hope of seeing more great posts.

As your posts garner attention and you begin more followers, you’ll be a step closer to gaining a coveted spot on the hot list.


By following these tips, plus other advice from around the web, you can create a Google+ profile that appeals to infinite users, bringing attention and a loyal fan base to your business.


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