• How to Generate an Audience on Periscope

How To Generate An Audience On Periscope

Niraj Bagade | 17 OCT 2015

We recently posted about the up-and-coping app Periscope and the ways it can benefit social media marketers looking to promote their brand directly to consumers.

But while the perks of using the app may be clear, getting Periscope users to actually view your stream is another story altogether.

If you want to reach more people and market your product or service to full effect, you’ll need to generate a following through Periscope. How? Promoting your streams, communicating with your viewers and making the most of your content.



Promoting your streams

Ideally, you’ll need to promote your upcoming Periscope stream on other social media if you want to generate the most viewers.

If you already have a following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social network, make the most of it by informing your audience of what’s to come.

  • If you market on Facebook already, you’ll have probably noticed that visual content is significantly more successful than text-based posts, so create an image or video preview to announce your upcoming Periscope event.
  • Instagram focuses on images, but there’s no reason you can’t add some attractive typography to the mix and apply relevant information to the images you post. Additionally, use hashtags and a convincing description to persuade viewers to head over to Periscope.
  • On Twitter, your space is limited so create a short yet exciting tweet in 140 characters or less that will alert your viewers to your Periscope show. Even better – why not add an eye-catching visual to your tweet to grab your audience’s attention?
  • Pinterest is another site that’s essentially dedicated to visuals so incorporate images with informative text, perhaps featuring a call to action relating to Periscope.



Communicating with your viewers

Providing you create a live stream that’s relevant to the interests and needs of your demographic, you’ll begin to attract viewers who have taken an interest in what it is you have to say.

As Periscope is still a relatively new platform, there’s room to experiment and try new ways to encourage user activity, engagement and discussion. Here are just three:

  • Host discussions that will be relevant to the users you want to attract. Don’t directly focus on your brand or whatever it is you’re selling. Instead, consider the hot topics and events within your industry and get involved with the community. You’ll be able to share your expertise and experience as users begin to trust you as an industry authority.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off a little personality – in fact, it’s encouraged! No-one will want to watch a dull, corporate-style meeting, so show off your bubbly side and show them that your company has character.
  • Ask relevant questions based on your topic to encourage users to interact. Their comments may be valuable to your campaign, so take note of anything they’re hoping to see from companies like yours in the future.



Making the most of your content

Once you’ve hosted a live stream on Periscope, it will be saved for 24 hours for users to view. Use this time to promote it around the web through your social networks, or repurpose it as a video on YouTube or your company website.

By using third party screen recording software, replay your broadcast while capturing it, ready to edit and upload. That way, your informative discussion won’t go to waste.


Armed with these tactical tips, you’re bound to notice an increase in your Periscope following, so try them out today and let us know whether they worked for you.

Are you already using any of these methods? We’d love to hear your experiences, so share them in the comments below.


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