• How to Add Character to Your Marketing Campaign

How To Add Character To Your Marketing Campaign

Rajeev P | 23 JUN 2015

Do you ever worry that your business seems ‘faceless’? Often, consumers will prefer a company that shows a little personality. They’ll be reassured by the idea that they are buying from a ‘real’ person rather than a robotic entity.

While promoting your personality too much and not paying attention to the business side of things, it’s easy to slip into an unprofessional manner. However, by balancing the two, you’ll be able to create a perfect combination. Here are few tips for the same:


Be a storyteller

We all love stories and anecdotes, so why not utilize that interest in your campaign? By telling a story that relates to (and potentially sells) your product or service, you’ll be able to draw in consumers and give them a good reason to part with their money.

Your story should be short enough to keep their interest and interesting enough to make a persuasion. Take inspiration from your life experiences and the true benefits of your product. Giving the consumers an idea of how you could help their daily lives will encourage them to visualise themselves utilizing your product or service, which may convert them into paying customers.


Utilize visual content

Images are an essential aspect of any marketing strategy, as they’re able to project your professional image, get a point across and break up your content to keep the reader engaged.

For your visual content to work at its optimum potential, you’ll need to ensure your online persona shines through. Remember, these images will affect the way visitors to your page view your brand. Random or poor quality images just won’t cut it.

Try creating customized images that follow the ‘theme’ of your brand, using them as an extension of your campaign rather than an afterthought.

Your viewers will begin to recognise this theme, for example logos, colours and brand specific images, helping you get your company’s aesthetic across in every marketing venture.


Keep things consistent

Similarly, you’ll also need to ensure any content you post follows a specific theme. The personality portrayed in the representation of you brand on social media and blogs should be consistent, ensuring all your content features the same ‘voice’ and style. This will help to enhance brand recognition and prevent consumers from confusing you with other brands or profiles.


Don’t be afraid to get personal

Well, not too personal, but a little can help! If you run an email list or blog, consider the fact people are visiting or subscribing because they have a genuine interest in what you have to say.

When sharing personal experiences, you’ll be seen as trustworthy and honest, as well as being able to convince others to consider your product through the art of storytelling, as outlined above.

To further enhance the personality of your newsletter or blog post, you may even share real photos from your day to day life.


Overall, it’s clear to see how personalizing your content can result in promotional success. Your goal is essentially to portray yourself as a ‘friend’ the viewer can trust, making them feel secure when purchasing from your brand or utilizing your services.

It’s also worth noting that positivity is key in this scenario. If you’re constantly complaining or sharing sad, angry or otherwise negative stories, people won’t be likely to re-visit your page. Be happy, share some positivity and allow your personal feelings towards your brand to shine.


Have you tried any of these techniques? Let us know if your attempts to share your personality online boosted your engagement!


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