• How You can Use Twitter Lists in Your Social Media Marketing

How You Can Use Twitter Lists In Your Social Media Marketing

Rajeev P | 3 MAR 2015

Every Twitter user would have noticed the ‘Lists’ feature. However, people rarely use it to its full advantage. They’re a practical, simple way to organise your Twitter presence and help you find and interact with the people who can benefit your business.


  • How to create a Twitter list?

Creating a Twitter list is easy. Simply click on your Twitter avatar and select ‘Lists’ from the dropdown menu. You’ll then reach your Lists page, where you’ll find the option to create a new list within the right-hand sidebar. You’ll be able to name your list, add a description and choose your privacy settings. Choosing an appropriate name and description is important, especially if you decide to make your list public, as other users can find and follow it.

Once you’ve filled out the details, simply press save, and you’ll be all set.


  • How to add users to your Twitter list?

Once your list is created, you can fill it with users who fit your selected category. To add someone from their profile, click on the settings icon next to the ‘Follow’ button. You’ll see ‘Add or Remove From Lists’ and will be prompted to select a list upon clicking. Check the box next to the list of your choice and they’ll be instantly added.


But how can these lists affect my business?


Keep track of your competitors

By placing the accounts of your competitors in one easy list, you’ll be able to see what they’re up to and how they’re using social media to their advantage. This information can help you develop your own Twitter strategy, adapting each of their actions to suit your business.

When following competitors, it may be a good idea to keep your Twitter list private, so they won’t know you’re keeping tabs on their activities. They'll still get a notification the first time you add them, though.

Follow industry pros

Following track of leaders within your industry is a great source of insight and inspiration, so try adding them all to one simple list. You’ll be able to browse the content posted by those you look up to without having to sift through your timeline, making it easy to retweet and respond to their posts.

Following the top accounts within your industry also makes your list desirable to other followers, who may be looking for similar content themselves. Keep these lists public as a valuable resource.

Stay up to date with trends (elaborate on blogs and media too)

Keep up with the latest news by adding a range of valuable news sources to a single list. Upon viewing it, you’ll be able to read through the most recent stories within your industry that can help you in your marketing.

Keep in touch

Twitter lists can be a great way to keep in touch with your employees, associates or regular clients too. You’ll be able to see what they’re up to, what they like, what they dislike and most importantly – what they want, helping you manage your staff and clients efficiently.

Plan events

Business events often feature a designated speaker. Creating a list of potential speakers will help you get to know their personalities, content and interests, helping you decide whether they’d be a good fit for your company’s event.

Lists can also be helpful when organising attendees, allowing them to follow each other and discuss relevant topics prior to attending.

Sustain relationships with customers

Adding previous customers to a list can help you reach out when they need help, follow up to ensure they’re still happy with your service or simply ask how they are. A friendly, engaging customer service approach will put you in a positive light in the eyes of consumers, making them more likely to return to you next time they require a service.

Overall, it’s surprising how many benefits can come from creating Twitter lists and it’s apparent that they should be on the radar of all social media marketers.

Do you use Twitter lists? How have they benefited you so far?


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