• How Often Should You Post on LinkedIn?

How Often Should You Post On LinkedIn?

Rajeev P | 31 MAR 2015

While you may be comfortable sharing regular posts on Facebook and Twitter, you may be a little warier when it comes to LinkedIn.

Many people see LinkedIn as too ‘professional’ or straight laced for their regular, entertaining posts, which is why your LinkedIn feed will not be taken over by memes or cute cats. The site is aimed at entrepreneurs, financiers, and sales or IT professionals. It’s also used by many people around the world as an online resume, making them look professional and focused before applying to jobs. LinkedIn features a newsfeed similar to Facebook’s, through which users can view updates posted or shared by their connections or favourite brands and companies. While it’s true, the site is a lot more professionally oriented than other social networks, that’s not to say content shouldn’t be posted frequently.


How often is appropriate to post on LinkedIn?

There is no definite answer to this question as different individuals, companies or brands will have varying levels of content. News organizations, for example, will likely post their most relevant stories each day, while a tech manager may only choose to post the most important happenings within the industry as they occur.

It’s important to take note of the activity levels within your network. If your connections seem to enjoy content and share multiple posts on a regular basis, a higher amount of posts may be appreciated. While a network with a more conservative approach to content sharing may prefer to see less in their feed.

To ensure you stay noticeable and relevant, the absolute minimum frequency of posts should be three posts a week. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the very maximum is around three posts a day as your connections may become tired of seeing the same user repeatedly, dismissing you as a spammer. You’ll also notice you have the option to sync your Facebook and Twitter posts to LinkedIn. Avoid this at all costs! Your professional contacts won’t want to see your light-hearted Twitter conversations in their feeds, especially if they’re nothing to do with your business.

The same goes for pictures. While your buddies on Facebook are ever-happy to see the latest snaps of your baby or new puppy, this doesn’t go down as well in a professional environment.


Consistency is the key

You’ve probably heard this expression time and time again, but it really is true. However often you choose to post, remain consistent. One good post per week will do far more for your online presence than three bad ones would.

With consistency, your connections will begin to feel as if your contributions are valuable and insightful, making you look like a trusted industry professional, even if you’re just starting out.


What should the posts contain?

Your business determines the content of your posts. All content should ideally be related to your industry, as your connections most likely reached out to you due to a shared interest or goal within the business. You should also ensure all shared articles are well written and professional in order to be taken seriously on the site.

Also, remember the content doesn’t have to be entirely your own, providing credit is given where it’s due. Try sharing interesting articles you’ve read or sites you recommend. It will show your connections that in addition to your own work, you also take a keen interest in industry trends.

Have you used LinkedIn for business before? How often do you choose to post?


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