• How Facebook Groups are Still Relevant for Your Business

How Facebook Groups Are Still Relevant For Your Business

Rajeev P | 7 APR 2015

While Facebook marketing is mainly dominated by Pages, Groups still have their place in the business world, featuring their own lesser known benefits.

Using groups to network as a business can help you connect with your social media demographics, increase your visibility on Facebook and help you network with other professionals within your industry, as well as staying ahead of your competitors.

With a little research, you can discover the best groups to join to boost your social media marketing and how to utilize them effectively.


Why become active in Facebook groups?

If you’re a member of any groups on Facebook, you’ll notice that a relatively high portion of your newsfeed is taken over by posts from these groups. Possibly even more so than posts from pages you’ve liked!

When you post in a group, its members will also be notified, allowing your content to reach a significantly large audience, providing the group has a reasonable number of members. Keep in mind, however, that some users may have notifications switched off.

The downside is that you cannot join a group as a business. You can only gain access through your personal Facebook profile, so it’s important to remain professional in all aspects of Facebook if you’re going to start using groups.

This could also be viewed positively. Prospective customers may enjoy the personal touch that comes with using your own account, as they’ll appreciate being able to speak to a ‘real person’ with a visible identity when discussing your product or service.


Selecting a group

Facebook users have the option to join up to 6,000 groups. That’s not a typo – it’s a huge amount! In fact, it’s too much to effectively manage. Instead, try to focus on 10 to 20 groups. This way, you can remain active on each one and get to know its regular users.

To narrow down your choices, choose groups that are active, have a good description (to encourage interaction) and don’t post spam.

If a group is simply full of sales pitches or product listings, there is unlikely to be any meaningful conversation or relevant interaction. Ideally, you’ll find a group that regularly discusses happenings within the industry, allowing you to join and show off your expertise.


How do I find these groups?

Finding the right group doesn’t have to be difficult. By using the Facebook Graph Search tool, you’ll be able to search for groups and users who have a significant interest in your industry or product.

Additionally, you can use the ‘Suggested Groups’ feature, which will base each suggestion on your interests, likes and activity.

Finally, you may find relevant groups by browsing groups your friends or local users have joined, especially if you have a lot of friends or connections within your industry, such as colleagues.


Creating your own

Creating your own group is another option. You may choose to create a group specifically for users of your product or perhaps you’d rather create a networking group in relation to an industry specific topic.

However, keep in mind that this may not be easy. Maintaining a group to a high standard takes a lot of work. You’ll need to ensure you post new content regularly, manage the posts of others and ensure the group stays active as well as looking out for and removing spam.


Overall, it’s obvious how groups can be beneficial for business users, especially when they’re active and involved with the relevant industry. By choosing carefully, you’ll be able to market your product effectively to people with a valid interest, as well as getting to know influential contacts.

Have you joined any Facebook groups? How have they worked for you? Let us know your experience!


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