• How Casual Humour Could Boost Your Social Media Following

How Casual Humour Could Boost Your Social Media Following

Niraj Bagade | 15 OCT 2015

If you choose to show a little humour and personality in your online marketing content or social media posts, users are more likely to enjoy and follow your page and less likely to consider you boring and sales-y!

Consider the popularity of memes and comedy videos around the web. Most people are used to seeing this content in their feeds – and it wouldn’t be so popular if no-one wanted to see it!

But it’s important to understand the fine line between subtle, casual humour in an approachable manner and taking things too far. If you’re constantly cracking jokes or trying to be witty, it may become overdone, causing your audience to lose interest.

So how should you go about incorporating humour into your online campaign? Here are a few tips to get you started!



Pack an awesome punchline.

If your latest post is looking a little too serious, it’s time to spice things up by sharing a hilarious punchline or joke. Say whatever you have to say, before following it up with a relevant, tasteful joke that will appeal to a wide audience.

Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourselves, or even others within your industry! It’ll show that you’re relaxed and honest about who you are – traits that your followers are bound to find refreshing in a world of formality and acting to impress.



Get creative with your content.

Consider the ways you could switch up your content to make it more on trend and fun. For example, MemeGenerator.com will allow you to create a custom meme featuring any of the trending photos and featuring your phrases, title or content.



Keep up with the trends in pop culture.

Take a look at what’s going on in pop culture today. Has anything funny happened to a celebrity or public figure? If so, consider how it could be applied to your business, or perhaps try to put in a sly remark somewhere in your content.

You’ll not only be humorous, but you’ll also be showing your audience that you’re able to keep up with trends and events.



Try animated videos for a cartoonish approach.

Cartoons can be a source of entertainment for both kids and adults, so why not create your own cartoon featuring your business or product?

It doesn’t have to be the work of an expensive designer. Simple cartoon can be easily created using sites like GoAnimate.



Ask your followers to participate in the fun.

Your audience will love being asked to share their funny stories or submit jokes based on a set topic or interest. Invite them to join in the fun in the comments section of your post. They’ll enjoy being a part of the activity and you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of their engagement!


Providing your jokes and humour are in line with your industry and inoffensive, there’s no reason not to include a little light hearted amusement.

Have you ever included any humorous content in your campaign? Why not share your funniest punchline in the comments, we’d love to share a laugh with you!


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