• Here's Why You Should Run Social Media Contests

Here's Why You Should Run Social Media Contests

Rajeev P | 6 FEB 2015

For a small business, customer engagement is really important because they need to gain popularity, and social media is the place they can get most people to know the company. Social media is one of the easiest way to become popular. According to a study, about 52% of people tend to get motivated towards a company if they have once participated in an online contest.

Reasons to run social contests

  • More fans and followers: It’s one of the easiest ways to gather fans and followers on social media. By creating small contests, you’ll be able to attract more people to like your page and also engage more by offering rewards via contests. 
  • Increased traffic on your site/blog: On creating these contests, you can also increase your traffic on your own site or blog. This can be done by creating a link to your website on the contest page which the contestants can visit afterwards. Or else you can create the contest about your website only. That way they will have to visit your website to participate and win in the contest.
  • Loyalty: If you already have a pretty big customer base and you need to make them even more loyal to your company, then also your contests can be useful. Suppose you have a group of people who are your customers and you need them to become more involved in your company. Then by creating such contests, you will give these customers a reason to engage more with your business. Also this will make you gain even more recognition among the already loyal customers.
  • Getting more ideas for your business: You can create contests that are based on getting more ideas towards your business. You can give away some prizes to gain invaluable suggestions from your customers. For example, Lays had a contest asking people for different flavour ideas. There were thousands of entries which made the already famous company even more famous. With such creative contests, you will hit two shots off the same arrow, which is getting a lot of recognition as well as getting new ideas for your company.
  • Getting media coverage: Another reason why you need to create an online contest is that if your contest is unique and more and more people are participating in it, then it may become viral. And once it becomes viral, then you will be attracting media. By getting this media coverage, you will be getting more name for your business.

What do you think about creating and hosting contests? Are these benefits fair enough for you to try them?


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