• Here’s why People Unlike or Unfollow You on Social Media

Here’s Why People Unlike Or Unfollow You On Social Media

Niraj Bagade | 13 AUG 2015

If you’ve noticed a decline in your follower count or ‘likes’ as of late, it’s time to work out why.

As a company, you’ll be aware that potential customers losing interest in your brand to the point of unfollowing is not a good sign.

If these users are no longer a subscriber to your posts, that means they won’t get to see your offers, promotional content or great new products and the opportunity for the conversion is gone.



But why do people unfollow?

There may be any number of reasons an individual chose to unlike or unfollow your profile, but there’s a good chance that one of these five common reasons was a factor in their decision.



You’re focused on yourself – not the customers

Rule number one of marketing: listen to the customer’s needs! If you’re only focused on posting about yourself, it’ll be easy to forget the importance of communicating with consumers in return.

If you choose to ignore comments and questions time and time again, you’ll quickly begin to lose followers.

Engage with those who interact with your posts and try to avoid coming across as self-absorbed. People are unlikely to stay long if your page is too ‘sales-y’.



Your content is unoriginal

If you want to stay at the top of your industry, you need to ensure the content you’re posting is up to the minute and not something that’s already covered.

Think about it from the user’s perspective. Why would they follow you if they are already getting the same information elsewhere?

Show them what you can do to be different by posting fresh, unique content that they’ll be excited to view.



You post too much!

Let’s face it – posting too much is just annoying. You’ll end up monopolising user’s feeds and spamming them with the information they have no interest in seeing.

Sure, they could choose to ‘hide’ you from their view, however unless your content is of value, they’re likely to just unlike or unfollow your page pretty quickly.



Your posts are offensive

There is a very fine line between an opinion and being purely offensive. If there is any way anyone of any background or culture could be offended by your content, do not post it!

By posting offensive content, you’ll be seen as insensitive, rude and out of touch, causing more and more people to unfollow.



You’re no longer their brand of choice

Sometimes people find a brand selling similar products or services that they just happen to like more than you. If you’ve noticed a surge in your competitors’ popularity, it may be time to evaluate why they’re so successful and what it is they’re doing that you’re not.


If you feel any of the above could be true for your company’s profiles, consider the routes you could take to improve your situation. Once you’ve worked out what you’re doing wrong, it’ll be easier to come up with a solution that works and ensure your followers stay with you for the long haul.

If you don’t think you’re doing anything to push people away, perhaps it’s best to shrug it off as poor luck. After all, sometimes people just leave, delete their accounts or simply wish to clean up their feed – don’t take it personally.


Have you ever lost likes or followers on social media? Tell us about your experiences below!



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