• Everything You Need to Know About Embedded Posts on Facebook

Everything You Need To Know About Embedded Posts On Facebook

Niraj Bagade | 24 OCT 2015

If you’re hoping to attract more people to view your posts on Facebook, embedding your posts around the web could be just the thing to encourage an increase in engagement and heightened visibility.

In addition to posting to Facebook directly, embedded posts should be an important element of your social marketing campaign.



What is an embedded post and why should I be using them?

Your public Facebook posts don’t have to be limited to your profile. You can also use them in other places around the web to promote them to a wider audience, such as on your website or blog.

Your post will appear as its individual widget after being posted through a customised HTML code, and can be placed anywhere you’d like on your page or post.

By using embedded posts, you’ll be able to show off your content to people who may not have seen the original post, or who may not even have Facebook at all. That way, they won’t have to miss out and will still be a target for conversion.



But what are the best ways to use embedded posts?

Convinced that embedded Facebook posts could be worth a try? That’s great! Here are some of the best ways to use them for optimal success:


  • Create social proof

Look for positive posts to your Facebook page that you may wish to use as a ‘testimonial‘ of sorts. You’ll be able to post them on your site as a proof of your satisfied customers or followers.


  • Feed your Facebook posts directly to your website

Try creating an area of your site (for example a sidebar block) to dedicate to Facebook posts. By embedding a live Facebook feed, visitors to the site will be able to view your latest social media content and may be inclined to click the link and give your page a ‘like’ if they haven’t already.


  • Feature sources or references

If you’re referencing someone’s online statement in your blog post or web content, you may be looking for an easy way to include a reference.

If the person has mentioned their statement via Facebook, it’s easy to embed their post to back up what you have to say!


  • Make your content go further

If you’ve posted a photo, video or post to Facebook, why stop there? Embed it around the web to ensure as many people see it as possible, saving you the need to upload it separately to each of your pages or networks.


  • Create added interest elsewhere

If you’ve sparked an interesting discussion or debate on Facebook, why not do the same elsewhere? By sharing your question or prompt, you’ll be able to see what your viewers in other areas of the web have to say about the topic too.


  • Create a ‘gallery’ of your finest posts

If you’re building a collection of posts, for example, ‘Our 10 Best Facebook Posts of 2015’, embedding them will look lot more professional than a sprinkling of links, plus your audience will appreciate the ability to preview them before clicking.


Have you considered using embedded Facebook posts to increase your engagement levels and visibility across the social network and beyond? If you’ve already given them a try, why not let us know how they’ve worked for you in the past? We’d love to hear your success stories, so share them in the comments below.


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