• Digital Marketing in 2022 - Things to Look Beyond Just Marketing

Digital Marketing In 2022 - Things To Look Beyond Just Marketing

Socinova | 21 JUN 2021

Does digital marketing have a future?

What type of digital marketing should my business use?

How will social media marketing change in 2022?

With ever-changing digital marketing trends, we have seen new mediums, platforms, and methods helping businesses to market their offerings. In the age of instant and constant touch through technology, digital marketing trends are continuously changing, and moreover buying patterns are evolving at a rapid pace.


Prepare your business now!

Preparing in advance is more important than ever.

We are already halfway through 2021 and you as a business owner now need to plan your digital marketing strategy for 2022.

Vaccination around the globe is curbing the virus nuisance and limiting the spread, and soon, businesses will start as usual.

Core marketing strategies did not quite work out in 2020. For example,advertising your business on social media platforms might have caught attention but did you received calls for the product or service purchase?

Since people have become conscious of their spending habits in 2021, this year will pass like a breeze for most business owners.


So, what next?

Our prediction is, once things start rolling like usual, you need to surface on the top at the right time for the right customers.

As per the major changes brought to how businesses behave and how their customers shop, everything is indicating that 2022 will be a complex year for businesses. Especially in terms of managing and processing customer requirements.

Staying on top of trends and actually providing that experience in your offerings will make a huge difference to your business success in 2022.

With this article, we have tried to explain a few digital transformations and techniques for 2022 with regard to your marketing efforts.


Here are a few things you need to be ready with in 2022 for your digital marketing operations.


1. Interactions - Interactive Marketing

Until 2020 and before, we were talking about and developing functional and responsive websites. Now with the years 2021 and 2022, you need to consider new baits to attract and convert traffic on your business website.

Marketing and selling are more about an experience. You must have heard this a lot and with the rising digital marketing trends in 2022, interaction with your potential customers is going to be a differentiating factor for your business. It’s time to prepare to get your customers involved in your brand and allow them to explore your offerings in an unusual & quirky way.

For instance, a website of a certain industrial tool manufacturer can showcase a nice widget for its customers where they can explore a checklist of the company’s industrial equipment.

Further the widget can be useful when the user puts real-time values in it to find if the product suits their applications or not.

Moreover, the widget can also help users decide on what product can be a perfect match for their applications.


2. User Generated Content

Customers or users keep creating content every day. User generated content is nothing but content created and spread by users. User generated content is one of the most diverse formats of content as it has no direct input from the brand.

It’s pure user content. It's raw and fresh.

It belongs to users and the brand will be just putting it for their promotional use.

Some trending types of user generated content are:

➔ User comments on the brands' posts

➔ User posted texts, photos, and videos with brand mention

➔ Reviews on blogs, videos, and publications

➔ Evaluations on third-party social networks and platforms like Amazon, Yelp, etc..

User generated content is one of the most authentic and trusted forms of digital word of mouth marketing. So, it becomes a nice way to make your brand more engaging, relevant, and useful to your customers.

One more reason why user generated content is popular - increasing number of influencers in the industry. Many brands today are using their UGC for marketing and this trend will be nourished and maintained even in 2022.

We all know, influencer generated content is not literally a new type all the way.  But, this is one of the strategies that promised brands good results but never fulfilled due to uncertain situations.

So no doubt, user generated content should be among your digital marketing trends for 2022.


3. Micro-influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most talked about marketing tactics today.

Many popular brands have been using this for so many years. It all started with macro influencer marketing where brands used to partner with celebrities to endorse their products and services. Are you thinking about your favourite movie star in a recent TV ad? Yes, that's macro influencer marketing.

Macro influencers have followers in millions and thus, the method is too expensive. It’s also a fact that the method is not so effective in all cases.

Then came influencers who started getting thousands of followers on their social media profiles.

Today, even micro-influencers are charging 4 to 5 digit amounts for a post to endorse brands.

The real benefit of micro influencers is that they may offer more loyal customers than macro ones.

This new layer of influencers is popular among both followers and marketers. Their popularity among business owners increased in 2020-21 since they experienced the effect on the purchasing decisions of the followers.

Promoting brands through micro influencers also offers a different approach of analyzing results that's more effective than regular digital advertising. Even digital advertising may sometimes fail in front of influencer marketing.

So, start searching for influencers identified with your space of action. All things considered, the followers of these influencers are probably going to choose your products or services.


4. Live Videos on the Rise

In the past 2 or 3 years, live videos are getting a hitch.

For most users, Instagram and Facebook live videos caught more attention and statistics show some interesting facts. One in five Facebook videos was a Live video and more than 1 million Instagram users watched live videos each day.

Since these numbers are somehow promising, more and more social networks and platforms are entering into Live videos such as Twitter, YouTube, and now LinkedIn is also exploring live videos.

Not just online but many events, fashion shows, festivals, galleries and concerts were held with live videos. Live videos also allow people to interact and involve with the brands.

A new rising trend is emerging along with these live streams and videos. 

February 2021 experienced a new social media app that could change the way we chat: Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse app is designed to work together with live streams and is an excellent channel for enhancing relationships between users and brands.

The app provides an access to thematic rooms where shortened dialogues and relevant information can be shared with people in your contacts and more.

The first wave of this app was used by brands in Brazil, where they could access big names in the industry and acquire potential leads. We are still trying to access the business features of Clubhouse and will soon update you about our experience.


5. Nostalgia Marketing

Designers in the fashion industry use fashion pieces from the past to reimagine and recreate their editorials and catwalks.

Now, other industries have started adopting this trend called 'nostalgia marketing'.

Not only limited to digital media, nostalgia marketing is everywhere.

➔ We see an ad on TV where an actor from 90’s era is promoting a product in their original style.

➔ Open Spotify and you can hear a selected tune of music on purpose that can take you back in time.

➔ Supermarkets are now seen stuffing products with retro packaging or old hits on the shelves.

Basically, nostalgia marketing is used to 'recapture' audience's attention and make them buy products or services. How do they do it? Brands particularly handpick pieces from the past that are familiar to generations.

Some other recent examples are the popular TV show - Mad Men. It's a retro styled TV show that brought 60s era for audiences and the world of advertising and economy down the lane. Meanwhile, Stranger Things on Netflix paid homage to classic cinema and pop culture from the 80s. Both the TV shows are popular and became the biggest hits.

How is this trend relevant for 2022? Digital actions consume less time and money. That's the first thing. Digital actions have a greater and more targeted impact on your users. Your brand can take advantage of this by resurrecting packages designed in a retro style but with modern safety.

Bringing past trends to 2022 will bring more attention and loyalty of your current and former customers.


6. Ephemeral content in 2022

Many of us use Snapchat. Be it to stay in touch with our friends or whatever. We send snaps before the stream burns in 24 hours.

Ephemeral content is nothing but content like snaps we share daily.

Any type of content that stays for a minimum duration of time is ephemeral content.

Instagram and Facebook stories are the best known examples of ephemeral content so far, along with snaps.


With ephemeral content, brands can post:

➔ Photos

➔ Videos

➔ Polls

➔ Tests

➔ Product demonstrations

While preparing your brand for new digital marketing trends in 2022, you can start experimenting with ephemeral content.


Did you know?

➔ Facebook has more than 1.66 billions active users

➔ Instagram is flooded with 800 million users

➔ Snapchat has 187 million 'snappers' creating 1 million posts per day

If used properly, your business can shine with the ephemeral content at the end of 2021 and in 2022.


What could be the next steps for your business in 2022?

Digital marketing trends in 2022 mentioned here don't make this list a complete one. But we are publishing it as early as we could to offer you a glance into what marketing in 2022 could be for your business.

Marketing in 2022 will be beyond marketing. Digital marketing in 2022 will probably be about social media, local search and providing a personalized touch for your customers. Search engines are not vanishing at all. So, SEO in 2022 can be of a major importance too. We will soon present our thoughts on that as well in the form of a blog post!

2022 will be all about retaining your current customers more than getting new customers.


We hope these trends will help you understand what to expect from digital marketing in 2022. For more such interesting articles, please visit our blogs pool and you’ll find some interesting articles specific to your interest!