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Creating Social Marketing Videos With Your Smartphone

Rajeev P | 17 MAR 2015

Videos can be beneficial when promoting your business, but they can often be time-consuming when using elaborate software and following long-winded tutorials. This software, along with the hardware and equipment used to shoot your own video can also add up to a significant expense. So cheaper, quicker alternatives are often appreciated by social media marketers looking to create a simple clip.


What is the alternative?

Do you own a smartphone? Great! You’re already on your way to creating simple yet engaging video content to promise your services on social media.


How do I get started?

Firstly, you’ll need to pick a platform for sharing your new content. This could be any social site you enjoy using. However the most common choices for video marketing are Instagram, Vine, and, of course, YouTube.

  • Instagram gives users the space to upload videos between 3 and 15 seconds in length. These can be recorded in-app or uploaded from your device. The videos are then cropped to the site’s standard square shape and can be easily shared to other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Vine is known for its short, snappy aesthetic, with a 6 second limit on posted videos. The videos play automatically on a loop until closed,  and are square – similar to those featured on Instagram, and are easily shareable too.
  • YouTube is hailed as the online king of videos, and for a good reason. Users can upload almost anything, regardless of the length or quality of the video. Videos can be played on most social media sites and are featured in a widescreen format. 


Next, it’s time to decide which style of video you’ll be creating. The top three styles associated with social media marketing are stop motion videos, time-lapse videos, and standard videos.

  • Stop motion videos are especially effective when you’re marketing a physical product or object which you can essentially bring to life through the video. This method is used for creating a number of compositions, ranging from simple collages to feature films such as Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was a huge hit in 2009. It involves planning the project in advance, then taking and merging individual shots. While effective, this can be extremely time-consuming.
  • Time-lapse videos are essentially regular videos, just sped up. Companies have often used this method to tell a ‘story’ and get their point across in a shorter space of time. Usually set to music, rather than speech, the viewer is able to see what is happening and process the information at a quick rate.
  • Standard videos are versatile, and can fit many scenarios or topics. They’re also a great way to incorporate an introduction to your company or even a review of your product or service. You can try whiteboard animation, kinetic typography and explainer videos too under this category.

How do I create them?

The joy of using apps to create your video is that the app does most of the work for you!

  • Stop motion videos are suited to Vine, especially if you’re only planning a short production. Simply install the app and log in, before tapping the camera icon. From here, tap the wrench icon to access advanced recording tools. Tap the ghost icon to view your video in layers, allowing you to subtly view your previous shot, easily lining up the next. Only repeat until complete!
  • While many of us have Instagram, you may not have heard of Hyperlapse, which is owned by the same company. Hyperlapse is specifically used to stabilize your video and allows you to adjust the speed once you’re done, creating an effective timelapse. The interface is simple, featuring a large record/stop button.
  • Standard videos can be taken on any photographic app that supports video, even the one that comes with your phone! To enhance the quality, try keeping an eye on the lighting, audio and surroundings, ensuring your video is clear and presentable.

Based on the knowledge above, you’ll be able to see how videos needn’t be a complicated endeavour. Try them out today and see where your new skills take you.

And yes, don't forget to share your experiences in comments! :)


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