• Could You Really Market a Brand through Tinder? Here’s Why It’s Worth a Try

Could You Really Market A Brand Through Tinder? Here’s Why It’s Worth A Try

Niraj Bagade | 17 SEP 2015

No matter where you are in the world, you’ve probably heard of Tinder. The app is designed for dating and relationships and is popular with over 50 million people in countries all over the world.

However, despite its main purpose, the site has been used by a number of high-profile brands to promote their products and services as well as boosting traffic, engagement and conversion.

Does that sound like something you’d like to achieve? Then it’s time to take some tips from the pros.

Here are a few examples of how brands have found success through Tinder and how you could put their ideas into action.



Ex Machina

As the app is designed for finding love, users are presented with potential ‘matches’. If they don’t like the look of their match, they can swipe left to move on. If they’re interested, they can swipe right to initiate a conversation.

So when users swiped right on an image of an attractive woman, they were surprised to find they’d been tricked into a marketing ploy! After sending the woman a few messages and receiving responses from an automated bot, the user will be sent a link to ‘her’ Instagram. Upon clicking, however, it becomes clear that the Instagram account is being used to promote a new movie – Ex Machina.



Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s operates in 70 countries and is already one of the most known pizza delivery chains worldwide. However, the brand still needs to utilise innovative ways to promote their new flavours and deals.

In the UK, Domino’s promoted themselves on Tinder in celebration of Valentine’s Day, clearly aiming to target those who were single or alone rather than spending the day with a romantic partner.

Users were able to swipe to view the Domino’s profile, which featured a photo of a heart-shaped pizza and the slogan ‘Fancy a date with Domino’s?’

The picture alone is enough to spark a craving for pizza and reached over 230,000 people, resulting in plenty of orders of ‘pizza for one’ on Valentine’s Day.



Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty International decided to take things a little deeper, teaching users about important issues that affect women today.

As users swiped through their matches, they may have found themselves matched up with the Amnesty International Tinder account. Instead of a profile photo of a person, the profile displayed slogans designed to raise awareness such as ‘not all women have the choices you do’ and ‘you pick your partner – many women aren’t given a choice.’

While they may have been serious topics for such a light hearted app, the campaign certainly got users thinking about deeper causes.



While Tinder may cater to a specific audience, these marketing concepts have been successful for major brands. If you feel as if you could benefit from marketing through Tinder, why not use these as inspiration and develop your own campaign ideas?

Would you consider using Tinder to promote your business? Have you already tried it? We’d love to hear about your experiences using the app in the comments below.


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