• Could You Market Your Brand With Facebook Notes? Here’s How to Give it a Try

Could You Market Your Brand With Facebook Notes? Here’s How To Give It A Try

Niraj Bagade | 10 NOV 2015

You may remember earlier this year, when Facebook announced a number of updates to Facebook notes. In the process, Notes were given a fresh new design, a clearer user interface and the ability to write longer posts that would still appeal to a large audience.

Whether you’ve been testing out the new version or you’re still waiting for your profile to update, you can still use Facebook Notes as part of your social media marketing campaign.



Aside from the layout, what else is new?

Facebook Notes now allows all users to add cover images, customised text and resized photos to each note, as well as giving them the ability to share their post with anyone rather than just their friends.

The result comes off as more of a blog post or even an article, which is potentially far more engaging than a traditional status or plain text piece.



How can Facebook Notes be used for marketing?

There are plenty of ways a simple yet effective Facebook note could benefit your fans, customers or potential consumers. Here are a few great ideas to get you started:

  • Use the note to elaborate on your business, its background and how you hope to solve the problems of consumers with your product or service.
  • Talk about your newest products, and the ways they could help your demographic.
  • Give your existing customers updates on any changes that may affect your business in the near future.
  • Create a summary of the latest post on your site, along with a link to increase traffic to the original blog.



Is it easy to create a note?

Creating a note is best done from a Facebook profile, allowing you to take advantage of the new layout.

  1. First, click on ‘More’ where it appears under your personal header. Then, click notes.
  2. After pressing the ‘+ Add Note’ button, you’ll be presented with a blank layout, ready to be filled in and customised.
  3. From here, you can insert a header image, change the title, create the body of your text and add any additional photos.
  4. Once published, the note will be shown on your personal timeline. However, if you’re using the note for marketing purposes, it’s important to share it elsewhere too – for example on your company page.



What about creating notes from my business Page?

Alternatively, you can create a note directly from your Facebook business page. The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to feature the new layout. Any notes you create from your page will have the old interface. You won’t be able to add a cover photo or header tags throughout your post; however, you will be able to include a photo within your Note’s content.

To create a note from your page, visit Page Settings and then Apps on the left-hand side. Then, simply add the ‘Notes’ app.

It will appear in your apps section immediately, allowing you to press ‘Go to App’ and start your note. Once you’ve accessed the Notes app, just click ‘+ Write Note’ to get started.


Overall, notes look good and are simple to create; however, some users may be disappointed that the fancy new design is not yet applicable to pages.

Whichever variety you plan on using, it’s still possible to promote your brand – providing you share it in the right places.


What do you think of the new Notes feature so far? Would you consider using it to market your brand? Have you already tried it? We’d love to hear about your experiences below!


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