• Combining Facebook Ads With Your Email List: Here’s How

Combining Facebook Ads With Your Email List: Here’s How

Niraj Bagade | 24 NOV 2015

You may have already gathered an email list – perhaps through a form on your website. If so, it’s worth remembering your email list when looking for innovative new ways to make the most of your Facebook ads.

By using Facebook’s ‘Custom Audience’ feature, you’ll be able to directly promote your Facebook ads to your email subscribers who may find the content relevant. Here’s how!



Present your Ad to all your subscribers

This is the easiest approach to begin with, seeing as you won’t have to segment your email lists before posting the ad. Simply create a custom audience and upload your email list.

You’ll then be able to promote your message to everyone who has subscribed to you via email. This method can be especially helpful when promoting an event or sale that you feel everyone on your list would value.



Promote Ads to subscribers based on whether they read your email

Simple analytical email tools will be able to tell you who has opened your email and who hasn’t, so next, try to segment your list based on opens and un-opens and create a custom audience for each one.

For the opens, switch up your content from the original email and try to include a call to action, as you know they’re already familiar with your company and may just need a little push in the right direction.

For the un-opens, it may be easiest to use the same message from the email, just presented in a Facebook ad. Think helps to keep your company on their radar, regardless of whether they’re paying attention.



Re-introduce existing customers

If you’ve gathered a list based on people who have bought from your company in the past, this audience is great for promoting upsells or related products based on their previous purchases.

By showing them products or services that may be of interest, they’ll be more likely to return to your store in the future the next time they need something.



Reactivate disengaged subscribers

If you’ve found that there are subscribers who never open your emails anymore, it’s time to re=engage them using Facebook ads.

First, consider why they’ve lost interest and work out what you could do to give them the content they want to see. Then – feature it in an ad!

You may also wish to use exclusive offers, promos, trials or free access to encourage them.



Test out lookalike audiences

Lookalike Audiences are Facebook’s way of promoting your content to new users, based on your existing custom audiences – for example, one created from your email lists.

The system will locate users with similar traits to those who already subscribe to you, making them worthwhile targets for your ad. This means you can promote your content to a whole new range of people who are likely to be interested in your product or service, without having to convince them to sign up to your mailing list beforehand.


Will you be testing out the benefits of using your email lists to promote your Facebook ads? Let us know how you get on by posting your comment below. We can’t wait to hear about your latest social media success!


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