• Affordable Marketing on Pinterest: Making the Most of Promoted Pins

Affordable Marketing On Pinterest: Making The Most Of Promoted Pins

Niraj Bagade | 20 AUG 2015

If you’re using Pinterest as a part of your social media campaign, then you’re probably aware of promoted pins.

The beta version of this concept was recently made accessible to all users and can help to increase the reach of your pins as well as driving traffic and engagement.

Promoted pins are essentially regular pins that have been combined with additional techniques to increase visibility and ensure they’re featured at the ideal time to reach your demographic.

The benefits of these pins are obvious, but there are certain things you can do to optimise their success even further.



Get creative with your campaign

Creative imagery and soft call to action make a great combination for your promoted pin, leading to a higher click through rate.

  • Images should be high quality and attention grabbing in order to ensure your pin stands out.
  • While the call to action is not permitted to be shown within the image itself, feel free to use the description area to encourage users to re-pin, like, follow or sign up to your site.



Optimise your keywords

Pinterest guidelines state that approximately 150 keywords can be associated with each promoted pin, so it’s important to create a keyword strategy that works.

Go for broader keywords or phrases to maximise your chances of showing up in relevant searches.

Try to monitor the success of keywords as time goes on and curate them as necessary. Remove any that aren’t generating the clicks you desire and try new ideas instead!



Target your demographic

Once you’ve determined your target audience, you’ll need to ensure they’re the users most likely to see your pin.

Pinterest’s targeting options and capabilities enable you to direct your promoted pins to specific audiences based on their location, language, gender, or even the device they’re using to view your content.



Consider your pin’s longevity

Once you’ve uploaded a pin – promoted or otherwise, it will remain on Pinterest until you choose to delete it, providing it is not in violation of Pinterest’s terms of service.

It’s therefore important to ensure your pins are relatively futureproof.

Each pin should include conversion methods (for example, calls to action) that will still be applicable months along the line after your pin may have been re-pined and seen by a wider audience.

Your goal is to get as much life out of your campaign as possible, so planning ahead is essential.



Raise your bids

The promoted pin model only requires you to pay when people click your links and visit your site. By starting your campaign with a higher cost per click, you will have a higher predicted click through rate, helping you reach a higher level of interaction as your pin gains traction across the site.

After you’ve noticed an increase in conversions, optimise your bids in order to reach your ideal cost per action and maximise conversion.


After applying these techniques to your promoted pins, there’s a good chance you’ll notice a significant improvement in no time.

If you’ve already optimised your pins, what do you think of the feature so far? Have you achieved any additional success? Please share your experiences in the comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts!



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