• 9 Little Known Features of the Social Sites You Use Everyday

9 Little Known Features Of The Social Sites You Use Everyday

Socinova | 3 OCT 2014

Social media sites have been the daily cup of tea for average internet users. How much does the average internet users know about the little known but quite useful features of social sites? Here we have compiled the list of little known effective social media site features for popular networks.



  • Save links and read later: You can now save lengthy stories on newsfeeds and read them later. Find the save option from the drop-down on the top right portion of post.
  • Follow without adding as a friend: It is now possible to keep track of posts from your beloved friend or star without adding them as friends. ‘Follow’ button shows up on the right to ‘Add friend’ if follow option is not disabled. The best part of follow option is, the person does not have to follow you back or take action.
  • Reorganize page sections: Fan page administrators have the option to reorganize sidebar components. 'People’ and ‘About’ are exceptions though, taking top spots irrespectively.



  • Profile tagging in photos:  You can tag friends in a Twitter pic with the upper limit being 10. Tags don’t count on the 140 character restriction. How nice!
  • Photo collage option:  Want to compose your story with multiple pictures? Try out the photo collage in your next tweet. Use ‘add more’ option multiple times in your post to keep adding multiple media entries.
  • Mute rather than unfollow:  Use the ‘more’ drop down to find ‘mute’ to enjoy your quiet stay on Twitter. You don’t have to be rude by unfollowing your BFF next time.



  • Make collage: Simple apps on phones help make collages and upload to Instagram. Similar is the story with uploading files from home PC.
  • Repost a picture:  Manual addition can be done from mobile or PC with the help of third party apps. One such third party app is Photo Repost, which allows you to view your home stream and choose photos for reposting.
  • Add image border:  We know about image filters, but image borders are relatively little known. Choosing a filter and tapping it to reveal icon box is the way to add coolest image borders.

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