• 7 Effective Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

7 Effective Ways To Increase Your LinkedIn Connections

Niraj Bagade | 19 SEP 2015

Are you interested in growing your LinkedIn network? Hoping to find great leads that could lead to future clients? If so, it’s time to take action.

By increasing your number of connections, you’ll begin to establish yourself as a contributing member of your field and further your exposure significantly.



Having a large network in today’s digital age is essential. But why?

  • The more first-degree connections you add to your profile, the more second or third-degree connections you’ll become linked to by default. They soon total up, making you just one connection away from thousands of people around the world. This is vital, especially as you’ll only appear in the searches of those in your first, second or third connection groups and vice versa.
  • Having over 500 connections will also give you the 500+ mark on your profile, adding you to the ‘expert’ tier of your industry.



So, how do I go about building up my connections?

Read on to discover 7 top tips for increasing your network on LinkedIn, and then get started on making those connections!



1. Post daily updates

By posting daily, you’ll be expressing the dedication and consistency of your brand.

The content you post should add value to your online presence, for example enriching discussions regarding your industry that contain a call to action for potential clients or consumers.



2. Engage with your existing connections

Build relationships by commenting on your connections’ updates. This will give you a higher level of visibility and may help you get in touch with new prospective connections.



3. Personalise your requests

Don’t just send out connection requests without a message! Personalise your requests by reminding the person how you met, how you know them or why you want to connect.

They’ll appreciate the effort and be more likely to accept your request.



4. Add your URL to your emails

By adding your LinkedIn URL to your email signature, you’re essentially sharing your profile with everyone you email. You never know which of your clients, business partners or even friends will click on the link, view your profile and send you a request.



5. Join a group – and participate

Joining groups is great, but participating will get you even more exposure. Post links and updates as well as engaging with other members’ content. You’ll be able to make valuable connections within your industry who may become an important client or partner as time goes on.



6. Feature keywords on your profile

While it’s advisable to avoid ‘keyword stuffing’, try to include a scattering of keywords throughout your LinkedIn profile, especially within your headline, summary and experience.

All of these are searchable and will help people who are searching for those keywords to find your profile.



7. Post great quality content to LinkedIn

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s own publishing platform by creating informative, engaging posts that show off your industry expertise.

These posts can be viewed by anyone on LinkedIn, not just your connections, helping you garner a loyal following.


How do you build up connections on LinkedIn? We’d love to hear any ideas you have, so share them in the comments below!


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