• 7 Apps You Can Use to Make Your Marketing More Effective

7 Apps You Can Use To Make Your Marketing More Effective

Niraj Bagade | 12 DEC 2015

Marketing is one of those nebulous things that the average individual has a hard time grasping. Many aspiring businesspeople who want to have an online presence find online marketing to be uniquely difficult and so many ignore it, unfortunately. Thankfully, many apps exist that can aid your marketing endeavors.  Today, we will be counting down the seven apps you can use to make your marketing more effective. These apps range in size, scope, purpose, and effectiveness, but all are extremely helpful to any aspiring businessman/woman who wishes to be active online and on social media.



1. CardFlick

This innovative app allows users to send beautifully designed business cards to contacts easily. This innovative app allows you to market easily, cheaply, and effectively by designing and disseminating virtual business cards. Best of all, the app is completely free!



2. Intercom

Intercom is an extremely useful and inventive new app that allows users to streamline business connections in one place and allows for easy interaction and transaction with potential customers. Seeing as managing all the various platforms that you have (i.e. your website, your email, your app, your helpdesk, etc.) can be confusing and frustrating, it should come as a relief to all that consolidating apps like Intercom exist.



3. Movable Ink

Movable Ink allows users to design and disseminate email newsletters with dynamic content. With this app, you can effectively market to subscribers and potential customers via email. In addition to this, Movable Ink also lets you examine current digital trends as well as some financial services. Every good marketer should have something like movable ink at their disposal.



4. Tweetbot

One of the most popular Twitter clients in existence, Tweetbot lets you organise and interact with your Twitter stream in whatever way is most productive for you. It allows you to separate the stream into lists or channels, tweet, respond and reply directly from within the app. Tweetbot is the best app for managing Tweets and is great for your marketing endeavors.



5. Facebook Pages Manager

With Facebook Pages Manager, you can enjoy complete page management controls, making your Facebook experience exponentially more palatable: especially for administrators who need to make changes rapidly while you’re on the go.


6. Nimble

Nimble is an unprecedentedly powerful contacts manager that integrates seamlessly with the social media profiles of each of your contacts. By using it, you can easily stay connected to your network, and grow your following on your social accounts by synchronizing your contacts via Nimble.



7. Buffer

If there is one app that is the most comprehensive in size and scope, it’s Buffer. With it, you can manage updates to multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, as well as follow-up with statistics on how each of your individual posts performed as well as a comprehensive outlook. The latest and greatest version of the iOS app allows for sharing and scheduling from inside other popular apps. If you find an awesome link in your browser, you can share it to Buffer without ever leaving the app. This is the one-stop shop for all your basic marketing needs.



Did you find this article helpful? Have you used or considered using any of these apps to market your product or services? Please share your ideas, experiences and feedback with us, we would love to hear from you. 


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