• 6 Free Facebook Tools That could Benefit Social Media Marketers

6 Free Facebook Tools That Could Benefit Social Media Marketers

Rajeev P | 27 FEB 2015

Facebook marketing is still relevant in 2015 and no matter how established you are in the world of social media marketing, there’s always room to enhance your strategy further in order to entice prospective clients.

Using Facebook to its full extent can both save you time and optimize your social media marketing strategy, so it’s worth learning about the tools that are on offer to help you out.


Audience Insights

Audience Insights is a tool available through Facebook itself. Upon visiting the page, simply type in the interest you’re considering targeting with your campaign. After searching, select the ‘Location’ tab. You’ll be able to view a breakdown suggesting relevant target groups, organised by city, state and country.

You can then use this data to compare your existing business. For example, do your current clients reside in the suggested locations? If so, you can focus on marketing to your current audience. If not, you may wish to expand into these areas.



Compass, a tool by AdEspresso, can be easily used to view comprehensive ad reports. The results are well laid out and aesthetically pleasing, making it a stress-free way to see how successful your Facebook advertising campaigns are.

You’ll clearly see the key points, for example the amount you’ve spent, the number of people your ads reached, how often your ads are clicked and the number of conversions. You can even view a breakdown, which will tell you the age, gender, location and even device of those who have interacted with your ad.

Compass also allows you to benchmark the performance of your ad against others, showing how successful you are in comparison.


Headline Analyzer

The Headline Analyzer, created by CoSchedule will give your headline a rating based on the likelihood of social shares, traffic and SEO value in comparison to other findings. Headlines are currently the second most visible aspect of the Facebook Newsfeed, so it’s important to create one that will influence users and encourage them to interact with your ad or promotion.

CoSchedule will also provide users with recommendations on improving headlines, for example decreasing the number of characters.



SumoMe’s Share is a free plugin that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. It shows you how many clicks your Facebook pages are receiving, and which of your pages have been shared throughout the site. It also comes with a range of additional plugins, such as content scrolling analysis tools.


Facebook Timeline Contest Tool

You’ve likely noticed a number of popular brands and businesses hosting regular or semi-regular contests on Facebook or other social networking sites. This is a sure fire way to get users to interact with your page as it’s casual, fun and easy to participate in.

To save the time it takes to create the contest and choose a winner from potentially hundreds of entrants, contest apps can be invaluable. The Facebook Timeline Contest Tool by AgoraPulse allows you to create three different styles of contest – quizzes, sweepstakes or photo contests.


Get Inspired

While this isn’t an online tool, it’s worth noting the power of research as a tool for creating quality ads. AdEspresso have created a free eBook – 500+ Facebook Ads that will inspire you. It is essentially a list of real, successful ads that have been featured on Facebook, allowing you to see what works, what’s relevant and how you can incorporate those ideas into your own strategy.

Using these tools when planning your approach to Facebook marketing can help you create a successful, well thought out campaign that’s sure to generate the attention and business you aim for.

Have you tried any of these tools? How did they benefit you?


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