• 5 of the Most Successful Hashtags of All Time to Inspire Your Campaign

5 Of The Most Successful Hashtags Of All Time To Inspire Your Campaign

Niraj Bagade | 5 SEP 2015

As they’ve gained popularity over the past few years, we’ve reached a point where most people today have heard of hashtags – or even use them on a regular basis!

Specifically, hashtags have become popular with social media marketers and bloggers. These online marketing staples can help to associate a tag with a brand, causing users to click, explore and engage.

Other tags have become so established online that they are now used by multiple users and brands to boost engagement online. Here are five of the world’s most popular hashtags and how brands can use them to promote their products or services.




If you’ve only heard of one of the hashtags on this list, it’s probably #Selfie. People all around the world have caught on to the self-portrait trend, and what better way to flaunt your confidence than tagging it as #Selfie for all to discover.

Why not take an on-trend selfie of you or your employees hard at work? Alternatively, there’s no reason your product can’t have a ‘selfie’ of its own!




Back in June, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favour of same-sex marriage in all 50 states. People all over the world celebrated and congratulated the USA on their decision, resulting in the hashtag #LoveWins.

Within a couple of hours of the ruling, #LoveWins had been used over 6 million times on Twitter alone and is still being used today! Noting the popularity of the tag, Twitter attached a small, rainbow coloured heart to every mention to mark the happy occasion.

Tweeting about such a heartfelt topic shows that your company has compassion and believes in a good cause.




You may have seen the term ‘squad goals’ being thrown around online. It refers to a group of friends having a great time, combined with the feeling of wanting to recreate the fun and friendship for yourself and your friends.

By tagging a group photo as #Squad, you’re showing off the fact you have great friends that you love spending time with – or a group of employees who help you get things done!




Ever wanted to dedicate a post to a previous campaign or product? If so, #TBT is the way to go! Instagram users love to use this hashtag to show their friends and followers their favourite old snapshots or share a little nostalgia.

Use it to promote your favourite blasts from the past. If it gathers enough attention, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to bring the item back to your line-up!




In the world that’s saturated with filters, editing and glamorous effects, many users feel as if they’re being shown something it’s actually not. If you want to show that your image is a true representation of your product, tag it as #NoFilter, showing it really does come as pictured.


Do you recognise any of these hashtags? Perhaps you’ve even used them yourself! Tell us about your experiences with popular hashtags and how they’ve affected your engagement!


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