• 5 Tools for Social Media Marketers to Use in 2015

5 Tools For Social Media Marketers To Use In 2015

Rajeev P | 9 JAN 2015

As a social media marketer, you might need to play with multiple accounts. This can be tedious and may take a lot of time. The question is what can you really do? So here are 5 Tools for social media marketers to use in 2015 that will reduce lots of loads.


Posting updates on multiple platforms can be time-consuming and as a business, it’s likely there are better ways that time could be used. Hootsuite allows you up update several profiles simultaneously, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

By using the desktop app, you’ll be able to view multiple streams on one screen, reply to updates on each site and even manage multiple accounts on the same network.


Post Planner

Post Planner is an app for Facebook that allows you to schedule posts to be featured on your business’s page, your group or even your personal profile.

The tool has options to schedule long in advance and also provides a list of status ideas, viral posts and information about current trending content, helping you create posts that are on-trend and relevant. The app also features free training tools to enhance your Facebook expertise and update your online presence.

Similar tools for other social networks include TweetDeck for Twitter and DoShare for Google+. However they do not offer the same extensive features at this time.



While your written content may be high-quality, it’s often the imagery you attach to your post that catches the attention of readers. Canva offers high-quality graphic design, allowing you to design headers or posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even your blog, featuring an extensive library of text styles, stickers and graphics and the option to upload your own photos.

The site is free to use, and there are plenty of royalty free graphics available, meaning you can create endless content to enhance your social media profiles.


Google Trends

Google Trends identifies the keywords currently being searched by Google users. It’ll not only tell you what is popular, but also when people take the most interest in the subject.

By analysing these habits, you can plan posts based on topics people are looking to read about, and post them at a time they’ll be well received.



Quintly provides performance tracking of your business’ social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. The insightful tool will show your own stats, as well as comparing them to your competitors and average figures within your industry.


Using must have tools for social media marketing can enhance your social media presence and help you gather a strong fan base over time, as well as ensuring your time online is well spent and productive.


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