• 5 Tips to Increase Engagement on Your YouTube Channel

5 Tips To Increase Engagement On Your YouTube Channel

Niraj Bagade | 22 AUG 2015

Are you using YouTube for business? If so, you may be looking for foolproof ways to attract more viewers and increase engagement on your channel.

As it happens, there are several easy yet effective ways to optimise your video after it has been uploaded, helping you achieve the results you want to see.



Make sure you’ve optimised your channel

To ensure your channel is easily discoverable, leading to views and engagement, you’ll need to optimise it for visibility.

While older, more successful channels will automatically rank higher in searches, these optimising techniques can be applied to any channel – even if it’s brand new!

  • Create a short yet descriptive name for your channel that gives users an idea of what your videos are about.
  • Place relevant keywords in your desk to future explain your featured content.
  • Customise your channel with icons, cover photos and profile information to make it as attractive and informative as possible.



Optimise your videos too

It’s not just your channel that needs to be optimised. Your videos can be too!

  • Keep your title short, but use targeting keywords that relate to the content of your videos.
  • Put the key points of your description in the first 100 words. Anything longer than that will not show up clearly in the search results.
  • Use tags to describe your video and ensure it appears in relevant searches.



Feature your videos on other social platforms

One of the ways YouTube determines its rankings is viewer recommendation, so why not get things started with a little self-promotion?

Post them on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts in addition to any other platforms as well as your own website and make them easy for your fans or followers to share.


There are also elements you can add to a video itself that may help to encourage further engagement:



Try a variety of video styles

Sticking to the same recipe for every video will get old fast in the eye so your viewers, so try to switch things up from time to time.

Some of your options may include:

  • Interviews with relevant people within your industry.
  • How-to or tutorial videos relating to the product or service you provide.
  • Behind the scenes exclusives that offer your viewers a sneak preview of your company’s premises or production stages.



Create a call to action

Rounding off your video with a call to action is a surefire way to get your viewers to interact. Stuck for ideas? Try these:

  • Ask a question and request that your viewers post their answers in the comments. This could be anything from a contest or quiz to letting you know what they’d like to see on your channel.
  • Encourage viewers to give a ‘thumbs up’ if they enjoyed a certain part (or all) of your video.
  • Make a statement relating to a hot topic that’s currently trending in your industry. There’s a good chance that those familiar with the topic will have something to say about it!


When combined, these simple tips can help you build an audience, garner views and increase engagement on your YouTube channel.

Have you used any great methods to boost your visibility and engagement? Share your expertise in the comments!


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