• 5 Quick Tips About Optimising Your Periscope Marketing

5 Quick Tips About Optimising Your Periscope Marketing

Niraj Bagade | 26 DEC 2015

Periscope is quickly becoming one of the hottest ways of interacting with fans, family and friends. The unique live-stream option, which is seen in minimal other applications, allows hosts to connect with their followers on a level like Instagram. Here you’ll learn 5 tips about how to market a brand by using Periscope.



1. Live product demonstrations

If you’re really sure about your product and you’re looking to live launch, then you can use Periscope to do as such. Live streaming a product demonstration or launch can hype up your followers without them having to go out of their way. If your demographic is between 13-34, Periscope is the perfect platform for your social media crazed followers. If you’re wondering about conversions and how well the app actually works for live demonstrations, just ask Adobe, which was able to boost traffic by almost 500%.



2. Live focus groups

Say you’ve already launched a beta version of your product and you’re looking for live, unedited feedback; Periscope is the way to go. This app allows brands to connect with live streams of their followers and potential customers to check in on how their products are doing in the real world.



3. Live interviews

When someone on your team is getting interviewed about the product and the brand, live stream your perspective for your followers. This will help them get a true and raw sense of what and who is behind your company. In addition to this, viewers can ask questions live and have them answered on-air. Another great way to utilise interviews is to stream “behind the scenes” exclusive content with Periscope followers; a look they can’t get anywhere else. This will help make them seem like they’re being catered directly to, rather than just another customer/follower.



4. Promotions and discounts

Periscope is still growing, so you should reward your early fans. You can do this by hosting Periscope promotions live for your fans there itself. This can help drive up early sales of your product. The earlier you start using an app, the more people will see your brand when they join.



5. Keep an eye on other brands

Of course, a brand is nothing without competition. Utilising Periscope to keep tabs on your competition can help one brainstorm new ideas for Periscope sessions. But remember: always do it bigger and better!  Utilise popular Periscope users by sending them product in return for promotion. This works well for brands on Instagram, driving new followers up by the hundreds and thousands. Choose Periscopers with large followings that have a demographic you’re looking to reach, not just any Periscope user.



There are tons of other ways to utilise Periscope, including patching up PR troubles via live communication, hosting contests and much more. You can also use Periscope to reach for a different demographic, to add to the current demographic. Collaborate with celebrities and brands to help spread the word and watch the followers roll in! 

Have you used Periscope for promoting your business? How has been your experience so far? We would love to know your insightful views!


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