• 5 Linkedin Content Marketing Strategies to Market Your Content Like a Pro

5 Linkedin Content Marketing Strategies To Market Your Content Like A Pro

Rajeev P | 10 FEB 2015

LinkedIn has been a hot market for content marketing nowadays, and a lot of marketers are using it to present themselves in front of the professional audience. Here are our top 5 content marketing strategies that can be used to promote business on LinkedIn like a pro.


  • First find if your content is applicable on LinkedIn: LinkedIn attracts all the things which are related to entrepreneurship, hiring, finance, business and everything that is professionally related. It is not a normal social media platform which has all kinds of people. LinkedIn is restricted to people who are more professionally sound and attract only such people. It is generally used by people who are inclined towards industry insights. Therefore, the content must be industry specific based around skills.
  • Being abstract: You don’t always need to be totally specific towards a single industry. LinkedIn has a congregation of multiple industries. Therefore, posts that are inclined towards multiple industries will hold a good weightage and will be seen more. Such general topic posts will receive a better viewership than specific posts.
  • Post on channels: Your post will get more viewership on LinkedIn if you get it featured on a channel within the website. There are multiple channels within LinkedIn which are based on different things. Once your post is featured on them, it will be there for some time. If you post a thing which is related to the same topic more than once, there’s a probability that only one of those posts will get featured. To get multiple featured article posts, you can post on multiple topics. This may result in multiple featured article posts.
  • Image and caption: One of the most important things that would attract people to open the article posted will be the image as well as the caption or the heading used. You have to be totally careful while selecting the image and the heading. Even if you have a mediocre article with an attractive image and a heading, it’s more likely to be featured.
  • Post during working hours: LinkedIn has more viewership in the work hours than any other time. So always publish on LinkedIn when you think it is more likely to get viewership. This may mean the time before the work starts or during the lunch break or just after the work is over. This may seem like a really small thing but you will find out that this affects a lot in your post’s success.

How do you market your content on LinkedIn? Let us know in comments!


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