• 5 Effects of Social Media for Small Businesses

5 Effects Of Social Media For Small Businesses

Niraj Bagade | 5 DEC 2015

Most businesses today have a presence on social media, whether they’re large or small. Even if you don’t have a whole lot of followers, a simple profile with up to date information is better than none at all.

But why is it so important to be present on these platforms? As a small business, it’s worth taking a look at the effects social media could have on your business. If you’re not already a member of any social networks, you’ll be asking where to sign up in no time!



Your reach will increase

When was the last time you met someone who didn’t use social media? These days, most people have at least one profile, so by ensuring you have an online presence, you’re opening up your page to be viewed by millions of people around the world.



You may notice an increase in revenue

It goes without saying that promoting your brand through effective advertising will help to increase your customer base, but you may not have considered the fact social media can be considered a form of advertising in itself.

Your profile, regardless of your chosen network, is essentially a platform for you to express yourself and post great content that will help convince your demographic to pay you or your site a visit.



You’ll become more informed about your audience

When using social media, you’ll be open to feedback at all times through your profile – whether it’s good or bad. You’ll begin to learn what it is about your business that your customers love and what you could be doing to improve things further.

You’ll also have access to informative metrics that will tell you how often users are accessing your site, where they’re located, and what their interests are. This can be helpful when putting together future campaigns.



You’ll be able to make more knowledgeable decisions, improving your success

A benefit of the feedback gathered through social media is the ability to ask your audience directly what they want. Don’t hesitate to throw a question out there and see how your fans or followers respond.

By taking note of their answers, you’ll be able to tailor your product, service or campaign in order to cater to their wishes and raise the likelihood of a purchase.



Your advertising costs will be lower

Whether you simply promote yourself through your page or spend a little on official social media advertisements, you’ll still be saving a significant amount.

Even a paid social media strategy will cost far less than a billboard, print promotion or a radio or television ad, making it a great place to start for businesses looking to promote their services on a budget.


If these sound like things you’d like to achieve for your business, using social media can help you do so. Start building your online presence and see if you notice a difference!


Do you use social media for business? Do you feel that these positive benefits have applied to you since you’ve been promoting your business online? We can’t wait to read about your experiences in the comments section below!


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