• 4 Video Marketing Tools for Social Media Marketers

4 Video Marketing Tools For Social Media Marketers

Niraj Bagade | 17 DEC 2015

Visual medium or videos are resourceful tools in our times because people have little time or attention span when it comes to audio wields. The rate at which video marketing is taking up space is notable. Emerging to be the strong suit for man, video marketing is immensely popular because fads like social media networking are taking up acceleration. With realization and focus on revenues and higher returns on video games, Alternate reality games (ARG) vendors and marketers are making frameworks to maximize the potential for videos. In this century, we have unlimited and almost free access to a number of solutions for video marketing and its related tools are found in abundance.




An interactive yet useful tool for video marketing which allows operations on social media as well is Viewbix. With the help of it, you can edit and add various content to your footage or clip, and then within your video, you can form a display that allows people to sign up for your email services directly. You can share these videos on your websites and social media network like Facebook.




Animations are a powerful medium of interaction with both the adults and the children. With its fierce impacts on the social networking, animations are now not a difficult task to prepare. With a few steps you can create an animated video on your own with this program, and it also allows you to share your video with your friends and family. It’s a strong marketing tool that is also used to form advertisements and helps to market your videos on different social platforms. Hand drawing tool is one of its highlighted features.




This tool apparently does magic with its twisted and numerous operations. Video editing has become easier with the use of it. Create short, raw, unedited or edited, animated video ready to be uploaded to your social media pages. Your homework and your projects will definitely take a wonderful turn because of it. Magisto navigates through your videos and knows what to do and how to do.




Ever since its inception, Slidely has clean swept the grounds of video making and sharing with its innovative and creative ideas. No matter, it’s a slideshow for your school, a music video or a video made up from your photo album, Slidely has opened up a world of new possibilities for its customers. With widgets and badges now introduced you can perform several functions in a blink of an eye. You can then directly share or upload your videos on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube/Instagram.



Have you been using any of these tools for video marketing? Do you know any other tools or inspirational ideas to share with us related to video marketing? We'll be glad to hear from you... 






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