• 12 Best Blogs to Follow on the Internet for Quality ‘Curated’ Content

12 Best Blogs To Follow On The Internet For Quality Curated Content

Niraj Bagade | 5 FEB 2016

Are you currently searching for some great blogs to follow for quality content? Look no further! The below list of blogs was assessed based on several variables, including post frequency, content quality and reader participation.

This list is by no means all-inclusive. With the overwhelming number of quality information online these days encompassing different content categories, plus hundreds of blogs being created every day, there are certainly a lot of other great blogs out there.

With that said, here are 12 of the best blogs to place on top of your reading list for curated content.


1. Buffer Social

Buffer, which has one of the finest content tools in the social marketing space, offers well-researched, useful content for the latest news on social media marketing. It provides strategies and the finest tools to keep you updated on social media marketing.


2. Duct Tape Marketing

This blog provides guidance for small-scale businesses on how they can enhance their marketing strategy through various content marketing strategies.


3. Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer shares excellent and in-depth posts focused on Facebook that contain experiments, real life examples and supporting images. The website of Jon Loomer is thorough, helpful, and well-exemplified.


4. Socially Sorted

The Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted shares solid content with thought provoking and interest-driven headlines, together with amazing visuals. Socially Sorted reveals the best way to get results, referrals and more reach with content strategy.


5. Search Engine Watch

The content of this blog revolves around information and suggestions on search, evaluation and support of the search industry for website owners, who wish to boost their Search Engine Optimisation.


6. RazorSocial

RazorSocial, released by Ian Cleary, has lots of in-depth posts for businesses. Plus, the leading software tool reviews of Ian contain his favourite attributes, along with detailed directions on how to make use of them. RazorSocial's interesting content is written with no-nonsense, practical and actionable step by step directions.


7. Convert & Convince

Convert's & Convince continues to raise the bar for experienced marketers. This recognised content leader creates consistent, quality content. Convert & convince takes your content marketing from being good to being excellent.


8. Jenn’s Trends

Jenn's Trends, by Jenn Herman, shares quality content while narrowing in on her market: Instagram for businesses. Jenn's suggestions are helpful from beginners to advanced marketers. Jenn’s Trends has an engaging style that's simple to digest.


9. Quick Sprout

Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg, publishes posts on how companies can enhance their search engine optimisation and content promotion strategy.


10. Moz

The Moz site offers new thoughts on content, Search Engine Optimisation and is a great resource for marketers, along with providing value to buyers.


11. Occam's Razor

Digital marketing specialist Avinash Kaushik, writes on various digital marketing issues, giving readers actionable insights for their content strategies. He also provides excellent insight into advertising metrics.


12. Sparksheet

Sparksheet investigates how various brands are utilising systems and tools to dole out content that is useful to the correct audience.


These sources could be a Bible to a few for digital and content marketing. We hope to see your content marketing strategies win with flying colours and would love to hear your success stories. Your queries & suggestions too are most welcome. In either case, do write to us as we would love to hear from you! 


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