• 10 Tools to Enhance and Simplify Your Social Media Campaign

10 Tools To Enhance And Simplify Your Social Media Campaign

Niraj Bagade | 15 SEP 2015

Running a social media campaign isn’t always easy. Ensuring your efforts will be a success takes careful planning and plenty of research. You’ll need to exactly what your plans are – and when, so searching for a few helpful tools to help you get the job done may be on the cards.

Luckily for the busy social media marketers who simply don’t have the time to review the best of the best, we’ve rounded up a selection of 10 helpful tools that can help you simplify the process.




SocialRank will categorise your followers on Instagram, allowing you to identify individuals who may have a specific interest in your industry or product. This can be helpful when marketing as you’ll want to direct your efforts towards potential converts rather than disinterested users.




To create valuable content, it helps to know what’s going on in social media. Impactana will show you the most popular content around the web based on social media sharing statistics, helping you add relevant, on-trend topics to your campaign.




CoSchedule is a vital tool for managing your blog schedule and will allow you to preview your upcoming posts visually. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on your most shared content and set the distribution of your content between social networks.



Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer allows you to take a look at consumer behaviour around the web. You’ll be able to find out where your potential consumers are searching for their information, allowing you to then place your targeted content in the right place.




If you use Pinterest for business but you struggle to find relevant pins you’d like to feature on your boards, Tailwind can help. Their Content Discovery feature will help you discover pins based on your interests and industry keywords, ready for you to pin.



Relay aims to provide social media marketers with ‘automated graphics’. Businesses can use Relay to generate high-quality visual elements in no time, based on the information the user provides about their business.



Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that will enable you to share your social media content without experiencing negative or slowing effects on your site performance. The site is especially helpful for Pinterest users, who are able to pre-set the image that they’d like to associate with pins relating to a particular page.




You’ve no doubt noticed the popularity of emoji's, so why not include some special characters in your social posts too? If you’re using a PC, try using CopyPasteCharacter to find a range of emoji-style characters that can simply be copy and pasted into your content.




If you’re creating posts on a regular basis that start with, end with or contain a particular phrase or paragraph, why not set up a shortcut? TextExpander allows you to create your very own ‘shorthand’ and quickly add in phrases that are commonly used in your marketing copy.




No busy marketer should be without a classic to-do list, and TeuxDeux is one of the best out there! You’ll be able to organise your plans, assign different posts to different days or even make a list of ideas in one of the fully-customizable side lists. While the site costs a small fee to use ($3 USD per month), it’s worth it!


Have you tried out any of these tools when planning a social media marketing campaign? We’d love to know how it went! Share your simplified success below!


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