• 10 Things You Should do When Using Social Media for Business

10 Things You Should Do When Using Social Media For Business

Niraj Bagade | 21 NOV 2015

Ever wondered whether there are any rules when it comes to social media? Digital platforms are a space to be creative, but here are 10 things you should always try to consider.



Build ongoing relationships.

Social media is based primarily on interaction and the relationships you build with those you connect with or vice versa.

Try to be open with your followers and other industry professionals. Join in with conversations, state your opinions and share your expertise directly with users who could benefit from it.



Share what you know.

What makes you stand out in your industry? If you have a high level of knowledge that your followers and industry connections may appreciate, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on relevant topics and news wherever possible.



Have a strategy in mind.

Aimlessly posting without direction isn’t going to work and won’t be measurable in the long term. Instead, come up with a foolproof social media strategy that will provide you with milestones and reference points to keep you actively moving forward.



Keep track of your online presence.

Don’t forget to use social media analytics to take a look at how successful your content and posts have been on each platform. This will enable you to create future posts based on the successful elements of your older ones.



Focus on your goals.

As you develop a strategy, you’ll probably have some goals in mind. Don’t forget what they are – it’s important to stay focused and strive to meet your objectives. This includes sticking to your schedule and posting relevant content rather than random posts!



Listen to your audience.

By engaging with your audience, you’ll begin to notice their thoughts and opinions appearing in your mentions. Take their advice on board. After all, they’re the ones you’re marketing your product to.



Use effective tools.

Take advantage of the social media tools on offer that will help you make sure your profile is the most effective it could possibly be. Use them to edit your content, schedule your posts, keep track of your followers and more!



Promote yourself as a brand.

Consistency as a brand is important, so don’t post irrelevant content that doesn’t blend well with your company’s image.

People will be expecting a certain ‘nature’ from your posts as you develop your online presence, so try to stick to one voice and theme to represent yourself with on social media.



Show off your skills.

There’s no reason you can’t use your skills in other areas to ensure you’re a success on social media.

Whether you’re a whiz at I.T. or adept at marketing, consider what you’ve learned from your past experiences and how they can be applied to the tasks at hand in the present. The result? An integrated marketing strategy that’ll propel you above the rest.



Take a break once in a while.

Taking a break once in a while can be more beneficial than many marketers realise. You’ll be able to rethink your ideas, brainstorm new concepts and reflect on your future success.


Are these points you tend to consider while promoting yourself and your brand online? Are there any other important ‘must do’ suggestions you’d like to share? Let us know below!


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