• 10 Misconceptions About Pinterest

10 Misconceptions About Pinterest

Niraj Bagade | 19 DEC 2015

Pinterest is a haven for the typical DIY lover. With ideas from around the world in step-by-step form, many connect off of the ability to get creative. However, it’s not just a DIY lover’s favourite website, as there are many other purposes. Below are 10 misconceptions about Pinterest. You may think you know, but you have no idea!



1. It’s a website for tutorials

While this website does feature tutorials, recipes and more from other users, it isn’t the only purpose of Pinterest. Many create inspiration boards for weddings, parties and more. Other purposes include photography boards, horror boards and more.



2. Pinterest isn’t popular

This is probably the most untrue. Pinterest’s growing rate is becoming far more popular than Facebook. In terms of statistics, Facebook’s growing rate is 6% while Pinterest’s is 57%.



3. It’s demographic is mostly 30 years and up

Contrary to the popular wedding theme of this website, the most popular demographic is aged 24-34. While many do plan their weddings using Pinterest boards, most of these women get married after 28-30.



4. Only the photos matter

While Pinterest is a website about photo boards, the captions and titles are just as important.If a board name isn’t catchy or memorable and if someone pins it, they may not remember it. If someone is interested in how they can buy items in the photo, they will expect more information in the caption; this is the same for photography/model work. Always make sure to list the photographer and model credits.



5. It’s all females

While Pinterest’s majority audience is women, the website audience is 20% male.



6. Brands can’t benefit from Pinterest

As long as boards are marketed well with content and names, a brand can generate revenue. For proof, check out Martha Stewart! Her brand is quite popular. 



7. You can’t advertise on Pinterest

While it may seem like you can’t advertise on Pinterest, they have their own special way of promoting a brand. To make their website usable and likable, they rolled out a “promoted pin” campaign for ones who want to grow their fan base.



8. No one ever sees pins or boards

This is quite the misconception. In a recent study, pins and boards have been able to outlast Facebook posts as well as Twitter posts. If posts on either of those websites aren’t seen within 2 days, users tend to not see them at all. On Pinterest, the average lifespan of a pin is almost 4 months.



9. The best time to market on Pinterest is during the day

While many people are up during the day, the most active users are typically on Pinterest after 9:00 pm. This is because creative people tend to be night owls and work better on a non-conventional sleep schedule.



10. Hashtags work well on every website

Last but not least, this is another misconception. While Twitter and Instagram have a hashtag search system, Facebook and Pinterest are two websites that do not do well when it comes to hashtags. People on Facebook do hashtag, but many times, people can search normal words to find what they’re looking for.


In conclusion

There you have it, future marketing gurus. Pinterest has quite the abundance of misconceptions, and it turns out, you really can market well on one of the world’s most interactive non-social media websites! 



Have you used Pinterest to promote your products or services? How has been your response so far? Please share with us your valuable experience. 




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