• 10 Key Elements of Social Media Marketing

10 Key Elements Of Social Media Marketing

Niraj Bagade | 29 SEP 2015

Sometimes a checklist can be helpful when ensuring your content ticks every box. Read on to discover the 10 vital elements that can help you create social media marketing campaigns that work.




What does your demographic want? Before beginning a campaign, you should listen to the needs of your potential consumers. By understanding exactly what peaks their interests, you’ll know exactly what to include in your promotional content.




Try to discover your niche rather than market yourself as a ‘jack of all trades’. Stick to one strategy and work hard, building an online presence as you go. By pulling out at all the stops with no distractions, your strategy and campaign will be more likely to succeed.




Wouldn’t you rather have 1,000 genuine followers who regularly engage with your content than 10,000 who do nothing? Consider the quality of followers and try to attract users who would have a genuine interest in what you have to offer. These are the people who could be converted into paying customers!




Take a look at the leading influencers of your industry. What are they posting? What is their audience like? Would they be interested in your products?

If so, these are the people you need to build online relationships with. By associating with influencers and raising your online presence, they may share your posts or content with their audience, exposing you to a whole new level of potential.




By consistently posting high-quality content and developing your position as an industry authority, your content will become more frequently shared on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even personal blogs.

Being listed in multiple places will allow search engines to pick up your content through keyword searches, gaining you traffic and prospective engagement and custom.




While you may have your goals laid out, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the fact that these things don’t happen overnight. Keep working a little bit every day to achieve social media marketing success.




Engage with your followers and reply to any questions they may have. It’s just good customer service! You’ll need to ensure that you can provide your audience with a service that’s quick and effective by being available to help them out.




To keep your popularity and authority, you’ll need to stick around to achieve success. Don’t just post your content and leave. Keep a schedule and post regularly, giving users the content they want to see.

If you go off the radar, they won’t hesitate to take a look at your competitor instead.




If others are sharing your content around the world of social media, make sure you do the same in return. Contribute to the community by sharing or retweeting content that’s linked to your industry or projects. It also doesn’t hurt to respond to other brands and create a name for yourself online.




While your content should obviously promote your products or services when appropriate, your main consideration should be whether your content is actually of value to your viewers.

If your social media pages consist of nothing but ads, people will quickly lose interest. However, if instead you choose to post interesting articles that relate to your field, people will begin to see you as an authority to be trusted.


Do you try to incorporate these elements into your campaigns? We’d love to hear about it!


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