• Why Social Media is Important for Your Google Rankings

Why Social Media Is Important For Your Google Rankings

Niraj Bagade | 19 FEB 2016

If you have a website or a blog, you already realise that your Google ranking is something that matters very much. How high you rank on Google will determine where you land in the search results. The reality is that most people do not even look beyond the first page of web searches. So ideally, you will want to appear on the first page of Google for your specific targeted keywords. Something you may not know is that your social media pages can help you get those better Google rankings that you have been looking for.

Here are some ways that social media helps your Google rankings:


1. Social media can be Googled

When you Google someone, their social media profile can actually appear as if, it were any other site, especially, if you use Google+. Sometimes the social media sites will come up in one of the first few search results and may even appear ahead of your blog or web page.



2. Reputation matters

Google wants to make sure that people are going to sites that are not spam. Social media sites can help give you the online status that is important to boost your Google rankings for your website. This helps Google identify that you are a real person and this reputation will help you get more customers to your website. This also means that you need to watch out who you have in your social network because this can harm your social media rankings.



3. Getting relevant social shares

If Google notices that your website is consistently getting shared among social media users, they will see you as a reputable business that needs to be found by potentially new customers. This can be something that is quite crucial to the success of your website, plus it is always good to have people constantly talking about your product because this boosts brand awareness.



4. A correlation between social signals and rankings

Google tracks your social media activity and uses it for deciding rankings. Through many followers, likes, tweets, and shares, your rankings can get a nice boost as well as positively affect your organic search rankings.



5. Social media and mobile users

Mobile phone users love their social media. They rely on it to find restaurants or stores nearby or even search for products to buy locally. Your social profiles can help you bring in new customers via social media sites to your company website.



As you can see, being an active participant on social media can help you to boost the Google rankings of your website. This can make the difference in how quickly potential customers can find you. The easier people can find you, the more likely you are to get their business. People typically do not want to search through 10 Google pages to find what they are looking for. If you want to find yourself on the first page or two of Google results, take advantage of the benefits of social media.


Have you been using social media networks to promote your blogs? Let us know your personal insight, wisdom or queries. We'd love to answer each one of them.!


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