• Social Media and SEO 2016: Can They Work Together?

Social Media And SEO 2016: Can They Work Together?

Niraj Bagade | 10 DEC 2015

As the world of social media dramatically expands in size and scope, the business world is becoming increasingly involved in it. Traditional methods of customer attraction are now being called into question as the potential of social media advertisement begins to illuminate. As we approach 2016, we can all be certain that technology and, thereby, social media will continue to see a large expansion and improvement. Going forward, how will businesses utilize this? Will traditional methods such as SEO be rendered obsolete, or will they be further incorporated into the expanding and improving world of social media. Today, we will explore just that.




Power of SEO and social media

To begin, we should probably set the record straight by stating unequivocally that; yes, social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can work together, and they do. Why? Well, SEO and Social Media are heavily intertwined and are, in many ways, ancillary to one another. Companies can easily use the power of social media as a sort of free advertising if they know how to properly and effectively use the latest and greatest standards for SEO. As more and more companies utilize SEO on social media, the standards for SEO are improved upon and become more and more codified. 




Evolution of SEO for enhanced promotion

One of the beauties of technology is that it tends to improve and modify itself parallel to the desires of its customers. SEO is the same way even though it doesn’t really have customers per se.  Traditional SEO methods looked for specific keywords, but that has been replaced by a more modernized SEO that looks for phrases and intentions rather than keywords that can lead to inaccurate results. On social media, this is especially important. One of the chief catalysts behind this improvement was the realization that old SEO techniques (which still work decently for Google searches and what not) were not adequate for social media. Thus, they made the SEO standards more ubiquitous.




Integration of SEO and social media

We have absolutely no reason to expect this to change in 2016. Technological trends show that 2016 will likely bring more integration of technological resources. Companies and social media sites are searching for new ways to integrate these two worlds and many desirable results are being yielded. Many companies now hold social media as the advertising medium of choice as it provides an easy way to see how many followers you have and how in-demand your product are on a global scale.



With all of this preponderance of evidence showing that social media and SEO are still going to work together in 2016, we believe that companies should endeavor to use social media and SEO more effectively than ever before. These two facets of internet marketing are, in many ways, the advertising medium of the future and there is absolutely no indication that that is going to change anytime soon. Thus, the longstanding kinship that SEO and Social Media have shared will not be deteriorating anytime soon. It then only becomes a question of who will use its power.   


Have you formulated any strategy for using social media with SEO or intend to do so? What has been your overall experience so far? Please share your ideas views, suggestions, and feedback with us. 


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