• How to Climb the Google Rankings in Just 10 Minutes

How To Climb The Google Rankings In Just 10 Minutes

Niraj Bagade | 29 AUG 2015

Any social media marketer will know that search engine optimization is vital to increasing visibility and generating traffic, clicks and leads.

What you may not have realised is that it’s not the only way to do so. This guide will explain the basics in 10 minutes or less, giving you the knowledge you need to power up your campaign and achieve real results.



Create valuable content

Persistence is key, so if you’re creating high-quality content consistently, you’re bound to notice a difference in your ranking.

By providing content that is relevant to your demographic, combined with a general understanding of search engine optimization, you’ll be on the right track.


Utilise PPC

Pay per click advertising is also an option for boosting your ranking. While it may require some previous knowledge of the topic, this information can be easily sought online. Plus, you’ll begin to notice results almost immediately!

While consumers may be more inclined to click organic links rather than paid ones, PPC ads are still appealing to those who are shopping around for the best deal.

This option works well for businesses on a budget as you won’t be required to pay unless someone clicks your link.

One of the most popular choices is AdWords, which is accessible to any business - big or small.


Optimise conversion

In addition to a paid campaign, there are little things you can do to improve your chances of conversion. For example:

  • Use keywords in your headline and descriptions. These will appear in bold in the search results if relevant to the user’s search term.
  • Be as clear as possible and get straight to the point. Show the user what you can offer.
  • Give the user a reason to take action and click your link by using powerful verbs such as ‘save’ or ‘shop’ combined with persuasive terms like ‘exclusive’ or ‘limited time only’.
  • Promote your USP (unique selling point). What makes your company better than your competitors’?
  • Create ads that are location targeted.
  • Match your ad’s headline to that of your landing page to show consistency and professionalism throughout.
  • Make the most of ad extensions. These are additional links that appear under your ad’s description. They will transport the user to the most applicable page of your site for their needs.


Keep an eye on your metrics

No matter which methods you’re using to promote your campaign, you’ll need to keep track of your metrics to measure its performance.

Examine impressions, clicks, conversion rates, average spends and their overall rates to determine whether your efforts have been a success to date.


Try out split testing

AdWords offers a split testing feature as standard, which can help you optimise your pay per click ads based on their performance.

Essentially, you’ll have two different versions of your ad which will be split 50/50 between searches. You’ll be able to monitor both ads and determine which has been the most successful, allowing you to use similar elements in future ads or campaigns.


Do you plan on using any of these tips to improve your Google ranking? If so, don’t hesitate to come back and tell us how it went in the comments!


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