• How Your Activity on Social Media can Help you Boost Your Google Rankings

How Your Activity On Social Media Can Help You Boost Your Google Rankings

Niraj Bagade | 25 JUL 2015

Both social media marketing and great SEO rankings are vital to any successful business, but can the two support each other?

Both methods focus on building an online presence and authority to attract visitors and convert them into paying clients.
You may be aware of the fact that good SEO can make a significant improvement to your social media engagement levels. What may surprise you is that the same can be applied the other way around.


Google’s algorithm takes social media into account! 
As the world’s leading search engine, it’s important to take note of the ways Google calculates its rankings. Google takes social media into account, mostly in the form of links. This is commonly referred to around the web as ‘link juice’. If you have a lot of link juice that links to your site, you’ll be creating an ongoing flow of traffic which contributes towards your Google ranking. Essentially, the more outbound links you scatter throughout your social media content, the more success you’ll have when aiming to improve your ranking.
The links you feature on your site that link elsewhere also create link juice, which can also be an effective way to boost the position of your page. It’s important to ensure these links lead to good quality content to be effective. This ensures your site is considered good quality by association.


So if links are good, what should I be avoiding?
What you include in your social media content is important; however it’s also important to understand what not to include.

  • No-Follow links

Yes, there are bad links too! No-follow links are used by webmasters to prevent link juice from flowing through the site. This then prevents search engines from following the link, thus stopping it from taking the links and associated sites into consideration.
The goal of using no-follow links is to ensure all the juice stays within the site to boost the ranking of one page, not several. While this theory works well for some, it’s best avoided if you’re hoping to generate attention for both your website and social media profiles.

  • Private Facebook pages or social profiles

Any page or account that is password protected cannot be analysed by Google. This means these links will not count towards your SEO ranking.
After all, if you’re looking to develop a strong online presence around the web, wouldn’t it be better to ensure your page is open for all to see? The more people visit your link after seeing your posts on social media, the higher your ranking will be.

What other steps can I take to improve my SEO ranking through social Media?
In addition to ensuring your social media links are up and running effectively, there are other methods worth looking into. These may include:

  • Growing your follower base, so there are more potential clickers.
  • Optimising your posts for SEO using key content.
  • Developing an authority in your industry leading to more shares of your posts.

Would you consider switching up your social media campaign to boost your Google ranking? Have you already tried this method and noticed a difference? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!


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