• Effects of Social Media on the SEO of Local Businesses

Effects Of Social Media On The SEO Of Local Businesses

Niraj Bagade | 7 AUG 2015

It’s a known fact that social media can have a significant impact on SEO, which in turn may affect the ranking and, in turn, the success of local businesses.

Additionally, many business owners or social media marketers may not realise that these effects may be caused by more than just the standard SEO campaign.

Read on to find out the lesser-known factors that could be affecting local businesses!


A physical address

Although you may offer services to a particular area from afar, you won’t be ranked as highly as you would if you had a physical address in that city or town.

Search engines are fairly strict with location-based searches. If someone searches for ‘web designers in NYC’ and you’re located just outside the city, your competitors with a more local zip code will be prioritised.


Local keywords

As an internet marketer with a familiarity of your products or services, you should be relatively aware of the terms or keywords people would search for that would lead them to your site.

You should try to ensure that these terms are integrated with your web content to optimize your site for local searches.


Online directories

By signing up to be featured in a number of online, credible directories, you’ll also be enhancing the credibility of your business.

Your listing should feature your company’s name, location and phone number in addition to a short outline of your services. Credible sites to add your details to include:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Citysearch
  • Yahoo Local
  • Any Industry-Specific Directories


Up to date information

Ensure that any information posted around the web regarding your company is up to date and correct at all times.

If the information is incorrect on any sites or directories, this may be picked up as an inconsistency by search engines, leading them to believe that there are multiple companies using the same name.

As the search will determine the incorrect listing to be a separate company altogether, you’ll essentially be in competition with a fake version of yourself!

Try to get any errors taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid a decrease in your ranking.


Credible mentions and customer reviews

Search engines automatically seek out evidence of your credibility and customer reviews are one way to prove your legitimacy.

In addition to reviews on your website or the customer’s blog, you may wish to encourage them to review your service on Google Places. The rating you gather through your Google Places profile will be shown next to your listing in the search results.

Mentions from local blogs, newspapers or businesses will also provide further evidence that you are a respected business in your local area.

Further citations can be obtained by signing up to web directories aimed specifically towards your town or city.


Now you know the facts, stay on top of your game by keeping your SEO marketing on the right track, analysing your competitors and providing a first class service to your clients.


Has your company been affected by SEO? What was the outcome? Discuss your experiences in the comments!


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