• How Running a Blog Could Complement Your Social Media Campaign

How Running A Blog Could Complement Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Niraj Bagade | 22 SEP 2015

If your business is rising, your site looks the part, and your social media is garnering plenty of engagement, you may think your work is done. But have you considered how a blog could complement your existing social media campaign?

A blog could be a valuable element of your website and can serve as a key method of communicating and engaging with your consumers.

Most popular brands today have a blog of some sort featured on their site. Here’s why you should too!

  1. Once your blog is setup, managing it is a lot easier than it sounds! Simply open a new post, type what you’d like your audience to see, then press post. Then you’re done! Blogging is one of the easiest methods for unlimited direct communication.
  2. Having a blog will contribute to your SEO ranking, as long as you’re posting valuable content. Include important, relevant keywords within your post and take the time to ensure quality as you write. Your efforts are sure to pay off in the search engines.
  3. A survey in 2010 by Hubspot showed that 60% of business who run a blog in addition to their site acquired more customers than those who didn’t.
  4. Having a blog allows you to talk as much as you want on your chosen industry or topic and will help you develop a ‘voice’ for your brand. You’ll be able to promote your products, share your initiatives and update your readers on valuable industry news, demonstrating your company’s personality in the process.
  5. Many people think they need professional design skills to create a blog, but that’s not true at all! Today, many site hosts include integrated blogs or even focus on the blog itself, such as WordPress or Blogger.
  6. A blog will improve your interaction with consumers, due to the ability to let them comment and discuss your latest post. Enhance it even further by replying to comments and engaging with your audience!
  7. Your blog may end up serving as free PR. As your readership grows, you may be promoted or interviewed by industry journalists or professionals, giving you a little extra exposure.
  8. To be a successful blogger, you’ll need to stay focused on trending industry topics. By doing research towards your blog, you may find yourself becoming even more in touch with your industry.
  9. Your blog can be used to track blog analytics to learn more about your audience and demographic. You’ll be able to track your readers, click through rates, trending topics, shares, comments and even the times and days you receive the most traffic. All of this information can help you determine what to post and when for optimal success, leading to the highest levels of engagement and conversion.

Convinced yet? Get started today and create a simple yet informative blog that will make even more of a difference to your campaign.


Do you blog? Let us know how blogging has affected your online presence and engagement in the comments below!


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