• Four Ways to Increase Social Shares for Your Website Content

Four Ways To Increase Social Shares For Your Website Content

Niraj Bagade | 24 DEC 2015

Boosting the shared content of your blog can be quite difficult if no one is biting into it. You may notice a lot of views, but not a lot of shares. What could be the reason? It may surprise you. Take a gander at our tips below to see if your blogs are at par with the ever-growing blogosphere.



1. Find great images

It’s no secret that most people get wrapped up in images before text, so why not use it to your advantage? A great photo will make the reader wonder what’s going on as a caption. Creating or using images that grab the eye, yet shareable and appropriate is what helps drive traffic to a website.

When sharing a link of your blog on social media, try putting an image instead of the link preview. This will grab the attention of your followers and they’ll be more intrigued to click the link. People sit on their phones scrolling through walls of text all day; give them a reason to stop and learn something!



2. Metadata is (almost) everything

While images play a huge role in getting someone to click on your link, metadata is an also important factor. If you do not share images and post the normal link, then metadata comes into play. Optimising captions and photos from the web page itself will catch the user’s attention. Like a book blurb, metadata gives a preview of what the article contains in a catchy way. If your metadata is stale, your traffic will be, too. Make sure to spend time on thinking of creative titles and descriptions to drive traffic.

Pro-tip: People tend to stop reading and continue scrolling if a meta description is over 250 characters. Keep the description simple, sweet and witty.



3. Adding share buttons

If you want your blogs to be shared more, it’s important to add widgets for them to be shared on all social media outlets. This way, if someone likes your blog, they can simply share it by clicking a button. People like things that allow them to complete an activity quickly. If a link and description is already created for them at the hit of a button, they’re more likely to share.

Pro-tip: Make your share buttons visible and large. More importantly, make sure they are either at the top of the page, or at the bottom. If you have a great title, people are more likely to hit “like” or share on the page instantly. If they end up liking the article after reading it, having a share button at the bottom can prove to be extremely successful. Either way, making them large and visible is the best way to give a subtle “share me” hint.



4. Make them want more!

If you only post a few times a month, you may want to reconsider. Large publications tend to post multiple times a day and their fan base grows in many folds. Websites like Buzzfeed create good as well as terrible articles, but the constant refreshed content drives people back, regardless of what they post.


There are many basic and free ways to market your brand through social media, if you know how to do it. The core point is to grab the eye and the attention of the average Internet user. If you’ve done this: you’ve already succeeded at marketing your brand. 

Do you have some more techniques to share with us on promoting your website or blog? We would love to learn from you! 


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