• Everything You Need to Know About Starting a WordPress Blog

Everything You Need To Know About Starting A WordPress Blog

Rajeev P | 20 JAN 2015

If you don’t have a blog of your own, it’s likely you’ve come across them and may be considering writing one in the future.


What is blogging?

A blog (abbreviation of weblog), is a website that is designed to chronicle information over time through journal-like entries written through the creator’s perspective. There is no set topic for a blog and the creator is welcome to express his or her views on any subjects, from movies, to politics to travel. They may even be entirely personal, keeping track of the writer’s own life.

While there is no certain way to define a blog, due to their customizable nature and unrestricted topics, there are several aspects that most blogs have in common:

  • Clearly laid out, definitive posts, featuring a header, date and the content neatly paragraphed underneath. Often, there will be a picture as a central focal point to illustrate the post further.
  • Archives, allowing visitors to view blog posts by topic or date.
  • A comment system, through which people can engage with the writer.
  • Links to similar or related sites, often referred to as a ‘blogroll’.
  • Feeds such as RSS or direct updates from the writer’s social media profiles.

If you’ve decided to begin your own blogging journey, you may have already looked at options such as Blogger or Tumblr. While these sites are great for certain projects, bloggers often find the features of these sites limiting, and designs are relatively un-customizable.

As a result, many bloggers are choosing WordPress to create their blog website. WordPress can be suited to your specific needs, whether it’s a simple personal blog or a high-powered business-oriented site. Users can easily create posts, take advantage of the integrated photo gallery support, upload files with ease and enhance their visitors’ user experience by adding plug-ins and widgets. WordPress sites are also highly customizable, with a huge range of themes to choose from and even the ability to create your own.


How to create a WordPress blog?

The quickest way to get started on WordPress is by creating a free WordPress starter blog by following a few simple steps.

  • Register

To register with WordPress, simply visit www.wordpress.com, click ‘Sign Up’ and choose a username which will be used to determine your domain. This can be upgraded to a custom domain later if you wish. Upon signup, a verification email will be sent to your inbox. Once verified, you’re good to go.

  • Select a theme

WordPress offers a variety of free themes, allowing you to get your blog up and running in no time with a design that suits your style. This can be easily changed or upgraded at another time.

  • Publish a post

Once your first post goes live, you’re ready to call yourself a blogger! Once you’re familiar with the way WordPress works, you may wish to invest in a custom domain or a premium theme to ensure your blog looks at its best.


How to manage blogging websites?

Managing your blog after setting it up is simple, but requires commitment and dedication to build a loyal readership. Following a few simple tips to keep your blog appealing will ensure your new followers stay for the long-haul:

  • Engage with your readers. Replying to comments will show that you take an interest in the opinions of your readers and could also help you gain an insight into what the public wants to see.
  • Keep an eye on outdated information. If your old posts are no longer correct due to changes in the topic, you may wish to go back and change the details. This way, new readers who may stumble across the post will be directed to the right place.
  • Write posts that are SEO-friendly. This can help people searching for your niche find your blog.
  • Create a blogging schedule and stick to it. Regular readers will come to expect frequent posts. By pre-writing your posts to upload daily, this allows your readers to take in each one individually and give them a reason to return the next day.

Isn't it easy to create a new blog? So, when are you creating yours?


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