• Crafting the Perfect Blog Post: 10 Pivotal Points

Crafting The Perfect Blog Post: 10 Pivotal Points

Niraj Bagade | 18 AUG 2015

Running a blog can be a great way to promote your business, ideas and products. However, it will all be for nothing if your posts are poorly crafted.

To develop the readership base, you’ll need to ensure each and every post is well thought out, informative and productive. Here are a few tips!



Choose a relevant topic

Choose a topic that you know your demographic will take an interest in. Then, stick to it. By avoiding tangents and sticking to an overall theme for each post, your content will flow naturally and you’ll prevent your readers from losing interest.

It also gives you the chance to share your expertise on a particular topic or idea, which may prove to be helpful to consumers.



Create a catchy title

Your content may be great, but no-one will click on it if your title isn’t catchy! Headlines are crucial, so take the time to plan out an attention-grabbing, informative heading.



Make an impression

First impressions are important in the world of social media and not having a great opening line could be a deal breaker.

Your goal is to lure your readers into reading more of your post, so try not to bore them from the beginning!



Get your point across

No matter what your point is, you’ll need to make it clear. People know what they want to read and what matters to them, so ensure you’re making your viewpoint obvious so as not to waste the reader’s time.



Encourage action

By encouraging your readers to actually *do* something, you’ll be developing a further connection with your demographic, as well as leaving a lasting impression on those who take action.

If the outcome is a positive one, they will also be more likely to return to your blog for further advice in the future.



Add depth to your work

Once your post is complete, read through it again and see if you could add more useful information or memorable content to it. By adding depth, you’ll be making your post more likely to stand out.



Check it, and then check it again

Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ like a blog post full of misinformation, typos and spelling errors.

Check your work for mistakes and correct them before publishing, as well as considering whether your sentences are phrased effectively.



Time your post

By posting at certain times of the day, your post will have higher or lower visibility. For optimal success, it is recommended you publish your post in the late afternoon or early evening.

This is when most people are winding down and catching up on their favorite blogs or social media accounts.



Promote your content

You can’t expect to simply press ‘publish’ and have readers flocking to your site! The promotion is the key, so get active on social media and increase your exposure.



Engage with your readers

Don’t forget to interact with your readers in the comments section of your post, or even on social media! By joining in the conversation, you’ll develop an understanding of what they like about your blog, what they want to see and how you could meet their needs in the future.


Have you implemented these techniques into your blog post creation? Let us know how they’ve worked out for you!


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