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Ad Blockers: How You Can Still Earn From Your Blog Advertising

Niraj Bagade | 12 FEB 2016

There are very few successful bloggers that do not utilise third-party advertisements on their blog pages. This is because, in many cases, it's from where a majority of their income is being generated. Unfortunately, with Ad blockers, many blogs are suffering a great deal trying to generate revenue to which they became accustomed to.



What are Ad blockers?

Ad blockers are being commonly used nowadays by many web searchers and especially, individuals who utilise Apple iOS servers. Ad Blockers remove Advertisements on a web page. This, not only, makes the user's browsing experience more enjoyable as they do not have to constantly close out ads or be bombarded by a number of pointless pop ups they are not interested in, but also makes their browser perform better. When there are not a number of Ads or pop-ups trying to load on a web page, it loads significantly faster. Ad blockers are also favourable for security concerns as well. Most of these blockers will also not give permission to third-party trackers to follow what a visitor to the web page does.



How are Ad blockers bad for advertisers?

While this is incredibly beneficial to individuals browsing different web pages, Ad blockers are a hindrance for your blog, if you work with a number of affiliate products. Ad blockers are able to block not only the pop-ups on your blog page, but can also block a number of your displayed Ads, videos Ads and also sponsored content widgets. When these items are blocked on your web page there is no way for you to get paid for them. This can cost you a significant amount of money. This was not a major concern before, but now that millions of people are able to use Ad blockers easily, this can almost eliminate your revenue from Ads that used to bring in a majority of your profits from your blog.



How can you still generate income?

So, how can you make profit from your Ads with this new situation of Ad blockers being used? 

  1. Many bloggers ask their loyal followers to 'whitelist' their blog page, which will allow the Ads to run as they usually would.
  2. Another more extreme way some bloggers are fighting back is completely banning users of Ad blockers from viewing the content on their page. This is not the most recommended approach because, there will be repercussions of driving away your loyal readers this way. It is much better to simply do nothing and increase the chances of your content being shared and viewed by a larger audience from this share, which can result in user who do not use Ad blockers, then to cut-off the readers altogether.
  3. Some other approaches can be more successful in getting around these Ad blockers, such as encrypting an Ad server data into your web page. This makes it more difficult for the Ad blockers to pick up on the Ad but most of these are only successful for a short period of time.
  4. But, the best way you can fight against the Ad blocker's is to generate a revenue not reliant on your Ads. Create products and services that you can sell without having to use Ads through your blog. This is the best way and it can be a way to go towards a more profitable direction.
  5. You can also write sponsored posts that again will not be blocked by Ad blockers because they are considered the content of your blog and not a third-party Ad.


Ad blockers, if not already, will have a negative effect on how much you will be making from this traditional third-party Advertising route. But, there are a number of ways that you can begin to incorporate in new ways to advertise on your page without being affected by these ad blockers.

If you are a blogger, have you been affected by Ad blockers? If yes, then we hope you found this article helpful. Do share your ideas and experience on how blogging has made you money in different ways! 


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