• 7 Tools You can Use to up Your Blogging Strategy

7 Tools You Can Use To Up Your Blogging Strategy

Niraj Bagade | 22 DEC 2015

So you have a blog and it has great content, but you need that extra push to get it seen. Thankfully, we know where you’re coming from and how you can achieve the best results possible. Instead of just pumping out content on social media at different times of the day/week, you’re now able to market your blog entirely by yourself thanks to the 7 tools below.




Maybe you've read an article that said a certain website had the most viewers late at night. If you have plans or simply don’t work at that time every day to post your blog, try utilising PostPlanner. This app allows you to schedule when you want your social media pages to post links and articles. That’s not where this amazing website ends, though. You can find out which topics are engaging to a lot of users so you can create your own content schedule and share via Post Planner!



Agorapulse Barometer

Ever wondered what the competition engagement is like on social media? Thanks to Agorapulse Barometer, you can now track that.

  • Number of fans you've engaged
  • Any negative feedback
  • Stats on how many people are talking about your brand




This website is designed for those who actively run campaigns on their social media pages. Buzzsomo takes the engagement and content metrics of a brand by using insights to tell you how well your campaign is running. When reports are given, you’re able to see what types of campaigns are doing well for your competition.




This application is pretty simple, yet effective. Tagboard curates tweets and posts utilizing common hashtags for brands to monitor said hashtags. When they’re all curated in this area, said brand can interact with them all in one place, instead of searching and scrolling on one platform at a time.




One of our favourite applications, Grammarly, helps with the quality of the content you’re posting. By simply downloading Grammarly onto your toolbar, you can write away in Wordpress (or Wordpad) and become instantly notified if the grammar in your writing isn’t correct. This toolbar also helps one with correcting their mistakes.




Designed to specifically search for keywords, you’re able to view which keywords are working better for competitors, which ones are gaining more friction as well as posts using said keyword. This can help you understand what words and phrases work well with your industry.




This may sound like a pirate’s app, but we promise, it’s not! Plagspotter allows you to input the link of your content and check for any duplicates. This can help you see how well it’s doing and other things your competitors are posting. It’s a simple app, but can serve many purposes in the world of search engine optimization.



Your tools are just as important as your content. One without the other creates a missing link. When you utilize the tools above, you’re able to make note of how well a campaign is doing or how something isn’t working quite right for your brand. How has been your experience in blogging so far? Any suggestions or feedback that you would like to share with us. Please feel free to comment. 




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