• 7 Tips That Will Get Your Blog Posts Shared

7 Tips That Will Get Your Blog Posts Shared

Rajeev P | 13 JAN 2015

Why should a reader read your blog? Why should he/she spend time on your site? These are the most valuable questions that must be taken care of if you are a blogger or a writer or in such a profession. But, by taking the right advice, you can create content that will have your readers coming back for more. So, here are our 7 tips to write awesome blog posts that will get you shares.


  • Use a strong headline

The headline of your post is the first thing readers will notice, so it has to be engaging enough to grab their interest. In fact, when posting a link on social media, the headline may be the only thing viewers see!

A good headline will convince followers that it’s a post they’ll want to read, encouraging them to click the link. It should be clear and positive in approach and express the content of the article. For example: 10 Ways to Successfully Market Your Business or The Top 20 Blogs of 2014.


  • Create engaging content

By keeping an eye on current topics, you can write blog posts that are up to date and relevant to the interest of your target audience.

If you run a cooking blog, look for the latest trends in recipes, or if tech is your thing, check out the newest information from hackathons, interviews and, of course, the latest gadget releases.


  • Don’t be repetitive

Your readers may get tired of the same re-used content. Explore your options by researching hot topics and current trends that your followers will want to read about to increase traffic to your blog.


  • Stick to a reasonable length

When browsing casually or looking for a quick answer, readers may not be willing to scroll through thousands of words.

The optimum length for blog posts is 500 – 2000 words, allowing them to read easily and take in all the information you’ve put together. If you have a lot to say on the subject, why not split it into a series of blog posts?


  • Enhance readability

The layout and font of your post should be aesthetically pleasing so the reader can enjoy your content with minimal effort on their part. Setting a clear heading in a larger font, followed by clean cut paragraphs ensures an easy read. You may also find bullet points are useful for lists as they’re short and get straight to the point.


  • Watch your timing

Work out the optimum times to post your content. Instead of uploading a post as soon as it’s finished, take a moment to review your blog’s traffic and take note of the busiest times.

Internet marketers post updates or product launches when they know the most people will be online to see it, so try out the same technique on your blog.

5 pm GMT is often an ideal time to post. People in the UK are just finishing work for the day and starting to log on for the evening, while those in the USA are just getting up and may be online as they begin their day.


  • Keep it consistent

One great blog post isn’t enough! Keep up the hard work and commitment over time to build a readership so that the people will keep coming back to view your unique, well-written posts.

Be true to your readers, and they will appreciate it.


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