• 5 Tools to Make Managing Your Blog Simpler

5 Tools To Make Managing Your Blog Simpler

Niraj Bagade | 1 DEC 2015

Managing a blog can take up a lot of your time and effort. However, much you enjoy running it. If you’re looking to save a little time and focus more on your content rather than blog management and analytics, you may be better off taking a look at some of the free (or relatively affordable) tools available to help you out.

Whether you need help with editorial work, SEO ranking or lead acquisition, there are tools to give you a hand and let you get on with crafting new, informative posts.



Edit Flow

Edit Flow is a plugin for the WordPress CMS that will allow you to split posts into categories before eventually moving them to the editor ready to be published.

Example, categories include ‘Assigned’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Ready for Publication’, but, of course, you can choose your own based on the needs of your business or blog.




By using Uprise, you’ll be able to do a little extra research into similar content with little effort on your part. The tool will present a list of related content from around the web based on your selected keyword(s).

Even better, it will show you the content that garnered the highest levels of engagement, allowing you to take inspiration from its success.




InboundWriter allows the user to enter the keywords they wish to rank for in search engine results, before presenting them with a green or red indicator status that shows the likelihood of attracting organic traffic based on the listed keywords.

If they’re green – great! But if they’re red, this gives you a chance to rethink your keywords and choose some that are more likely to result in higher levels of traffic.



Post Planner

If you’re planning on scheduling your posts in advance to appear on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Post Planner is a tool to consider.

In addition to being an effective tool for scheduling, Post Planner can also suggest content ideas based on your industry or niche, such as photos, articles or status ideas!

You can also base your suggested content on analytical data to create a guaranteed digital recipe for success.

Finally, you’ll be able to set up a system that will automatically re-post your highest performing content, feeding it back into the social networks for new engagement.




If you offer any kind of sign-up or email newsletter, the Optinmonster plugin can help encourage visitors to sign up by presenting them with pop-ups at various points during their visit – for example, on landing or exit.

You’ll be able to feature images and text to help persuade your audience to leave their email address for future correspondence, converting them from casual visitor to potentially loyal subscriber.


Will you be giving any of these tools a try? Perhaps you already have! If so, share your thoughts in the comments section below, or, share your favourite blogging tools, tips and tricks! We’d love to know how you got on!


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