• 3 Tips for Blog Loyalty

3 Tips For Blog Loyalty

Niraj Bagade | 15 DEC 2015

Most marketers and bloggers know the worth of being acknowledged for their work, blog strategy and strong brand loyalty. When it comes to attracting new customers, there are a number of practices recommended for making loyal customers and readers. There may be a billion blogs and articles written every day, but what does it take to make others read your blog over your competitor’s? One of the options is to spend millions of dollars on online advertisements and marketing, while the other option has some substantial answers applying the following tips:



Tip 1: Engage with your readers and ask them questions that are related to them 

Connecting on a human level and bonding with readers one on one allows them to participate in the thinking or blogging process. When the readers know that their point of view matters, and what they say is important, they will automatically be driven towards you and that is how you establish one on one bonding once you acknowledged their thought process. Asking questions is a great marketing activity for increasing brand awareness and brand quality. When more readers participate in your marathon, it will only mean that they are interested in what you do. 



Tip 2: Belief 

People read your content, not because that is what they do or you do. They read your blogs because they believe in what you believe. Make sure you are sending positivity and positive vibes to the readers so that the process of belief is resonated between you and your audience. Do not sell your content for the sake of larger reader’s attention; give away your readings for the passion of reading. This creates an impulse within your audiences that they should be reading your blog.



Tip 3: Develop article series

Develop article series is the best solution for garnishing strong customer loyalty. When the readers know that something tasteful, saucy and spicy might be waiting for them in the next episode, they will automatically wait for your articles and blogs. They will look out for the dates of your blog publishing. At the end of each post remind the readers and your regulars to stay tuned for the fun they will have in the next edition. Or provide a little teaser for your curious audience out there so that they are compelled to stay tuned for your content. Curiosity is what keeps people banging their heads, so always strike your reader’s weak point which is curiosity. 



Did you find this article insightful? Have you applied these tactics to woo your audiences? Please share your experiences and suggestions for better blog writing. 


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